IIIMuerteIII IIIMuerteIII 24 April 2013

New in the community

Hi guys!

I am new here as an official user but I always loved this page for getting tons of information about this great game. As I am a dishonored player from the first second i learned to love this universe with its' creepy atmosphere and of course I was playing the Knife of Dunwall as soon as I could get it. And as I noticed that the information gathering about this new chapter of Dishonored is still in progress I decided to participate in this and share my more detail oriented view of this game with everyone.

I already did some stuff here. It is fun finding more and more background information about Dunwall and everything around it and I am looking forward to discuss a lot here :D

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Crazywarfire Crazywarfire 18 April 2013

Fanon: Blood Shed

  • Note: I plan on updating this story regularly.

Forty years after The Lord Protector Corvo Attano brutally culled a bloody path to lead Empress Emily Kaldwin to her rightful throne, Dunwall has become the epicenter for complete and utter corruption amongst aristocrats and politicians. The rat plague still looms as it consumes the lower classes sparing only the rich and higher class men. This is the story of one man who took a solemn vow to slay the corrupt Empress and return Dunwall back to it's former glory.

This is the story of Denzel Mentaoz, the Outsider's hand.

  • 1 Chapter I
    • 1.1 Part 1
    • 1.2 Part II
  • 2 Chapter II
  • 3 Chapter III
  • 4 Chapter IV

Rain fell silently from the sky, splashing upon the emptied sidewalks. In a nearby alley, a man collapsed to his knee…

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Impossibru Impossibru 17 April 2013

New DLC Content, and my inexperience with wiki editing.

Hey everyone, I must first point out that I am new to adding content to wikis. Considering how much i've benefitted from Dishonored Wiki I will be contributing information as I work my way through the Knife of Dunwall DLC. If I make any mistakes I apologies in advance, and if you tell me my mistake I will help to correct my errors.

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Masterforger Masterforger 11 April 2013

City Watch Blues - Part 3

"I freaking hate sewer duty," muttered Will, a pale but wiry Lower Guard.

"You're all mouth and no trousers. Shut up and keep your eyes peeled. We were asked to do this by Corvo himself!' retorted Travis, a burly Guard. 

"Oh, so if it comes from his royal ass we should be proud?" sneered Will, angrily slashing with his sword at an old river crust stem. 

"Either you start being proud or start being dead, you twat. Corvo is a better man then all of the captains put together, and I ain't gonna cross him because I'm too stingy to walk around a sewer."

"Whatever you say," muttered Will, and then swore as his boot fell into a deceptively deep mudhole. He despised working in the sewer, and the fact that now he had to look our for some teleporting ass…

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Masterforger Masterforger 7 April 2013

City Watch Blues - Part 2

A month after Emily's rescue and the subsequent cure of the Rat Plague, James and Bryon found themselves working at Dunwall Tower as part of Corvo's personal City Watch detatchment.

'Yes, I know Corvo, we have kept the gates shut for the past generation, but I want to be like my granddaddy Kaldwin and open the gates of the Tower to the people!' said Empress Emily angrily. James and Byron stood at the doors to the Tower's foyer, looking on at Emily arguing with Corvo from the top of the stairs. 'We are now just as prosperous as before and we can once again trust the people! You're not going to be like Hiram, are you?'

'No, Emily, but the Bottle Street thugs still remember their times of free reign, they may want to reclaim that!' said Corvo, …

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Masterforger Masterforger 6 April 2013

City Watch Blues

'And that's another patron dead. What do we do now?' asked James, nonchalant at the death of his ex-principal Lord Shaw.

'It's lucky we're in demand. I hear the Estermonts pay top coin,' replied Bryon, ignoring the man dressed in black and wearing a skull mask who was lifting a coin pouch from Shaw's corpse, the same man who had won their duel. Bryon got up and walked towards his partner.  'No use trying them tonight. Let's go inside and see if we can find a little brandy. Let the Boyles clean up the mess.'

They walked inside the beautiful mansion. As the night wore on, they drank fine alcohol, danced with shapely ladies, conversed with other City Watch officers about current events. Officer Norris spoke to them about the man who had killed …

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 29 March 2013

Raising Dunwall: World-building in Dishonored

At this year's Game Developer's Conference, Art Director Sebastien Mitton discussed the process behind creating the city of Dishonored, Dunwall. Mitton discussed the pre-production process, which included high concept design work, visiting locations, studying urban experiences and European architecture design, and researching similar time periods.

Dishonored was orignally set in midevil Japan; some thought that Japan was not a good fit, for it was rather unfamiliar in it's history. Wanted to move the setting to London, 1666. The Black Plague, from the market's standpoint, it was a good city to work with.

London was viewed a starting point, wanted to create walled cities, a lot of characters.

Villains would be important in visual storytelling …

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 28 March 2013

Dishonored at GDC 2013

Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is the world’s largest and longest-running gaming professionals industry event. The conference contains 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of game development topics taught by leading industry experts. GDC 2013 begins March 25th and lasts March 29th.

This year, Dishonored will feature a panel discussing the design of humor in the game. The session summery can be found below. We would like to ask, is there any elements or details of these sessions that you would be interested in getting more information about? How about any questions that you would like answered? Let us know in the comments: we will be attending these sessions, and can help gather the answ…

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JAlbor JAlbor 27 March 2013

GDC 2013: Designing Player Empowerment in Dishonored

Wikia is at the 2013 Game Developers Conference, and we just came out of a talk by Dishonored Co-Directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith. The talk, titled Empowering the Player in a Story-Rich Environment: Co-Directing Dishonored, explores the balance between player creativity vs. narrative constraints.

Smith and Colantonio wanted to create a system of "Guiding and Attracting," encouraging players instead of forcing them to see certain places or features. Accordingly, they created a "Pull-based Narrative" with the story, empowering players while suggesting direction.

In order to pull off this vision, they sought to create "general purpose systems," environments in which entities – be they enemies or grenades – can influence each other …

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Crazywarfire Crazywarfire 4 March 2013

My Dishonored Theories/Explanations.

Those of you who've played Dishonored (which that's everyone on the wiki) know that the developers aren't very clear on certain plot points. I made this blog to specially give my explanation behind these which seems more than likely and to state some theories I've read and give my response. If you have any other theories you want me to elaborate on, please write a message to me or post it in the comments and I will get back to you. I've played through this game multiple times and read every book/note I could find. So let my rambling begin.

  • 1 Explanations
    • 1.1 Overseers in Flooded District
    • 1.2 Daud's Guilty Conscience
  • 2 Theories I've Heard & My Response
  • 3 Gallery

If you read the note in Hiram's safe entitled "Dead Drop" the note will state Daud's anger…

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The Joker~ The Joker~ 26 February 2013

The Other Side Of The Coin

Recently, the Trophy List for the supposed DLC for Dishonored, titled The Other Side of the Coin, has been leaked.

The trophies are as follows:

  • Just Business - Collect the information needed from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse.
  • Missing Pieces - Acquire Delilah Cooperspoon's identity.
  • No regrets - Complete the DLC in High Chaos mode.
  • Redemptive Path - Complete the DLC in Low Chaos mode.
  • Whisper Ways - Complete the DLC without alerting anyone.
  • Cleaner Hands - Complete the DLC without killing anyone.
  • Rats and Ashes - Kill someone with the combination of a Arc Pylon and a rat.
  • Message from the Empress - Preform a drop assassination from the top of the Empress Statue.
  • Stone Cold Heart - Speak to the statue of Deliah  

We can't really gather much from this t…

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Jonesy95 Jonesy95 19 February 2013

Possible DLC Title Trademarks

Just recenty, I came accross this blog on the Elder Scrolls wiki. According to the poster Saratje, Zenimax have trademarked "The Brigmore Witches" and "Void Walker's Arsenal". The Brigmore Witches are mentioned in the in-game text The Brigmore Job, while the Void is a fairly well known part of Dishonored's supernatural lore. It is possible that The Brigmore Witches is an upcoming DLC featuring Daud, while Void Walker's Arsenal sounds much like one of the pre-order packs for the game (similar to the Arcane Assassin's Pack, Backstreet Butcher's Pack, Shadow Rat Pack, etc.).

At this point in time, this is purely speculation. Hopefully, more details regarding future DLC will be available soon.

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Snowskeeper Snowskeeper 14 February 2013

Chaos vs. Order


I believe that Hiram Burrows was an agent of extreme order (destroying anything that didn't fit with his plans, extremely afraid of change and of the unknown, etc.); same deal with Havelock for the most part. Corvo is an agent of chaos, which is the main reason Havelock wanted him gone (he couldn't control him; that paranoia led to him killing the rest of the Loyalists). If Corvo spreads too much chaos, however, the balance is once again overturned and the city collapses, in High-Chaos Emily Dies, or in the High Chaos Emily Lives ending, requires another over-the-top agent of order to restore things to 'normal.' If Corvo has low chaos (It's important to note that the game calls this 'low chaos,' and not 'no chaos,')…

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The Joker~ The Joker~ 1 February 2013

Your favorite special assassination

So, when you assassinate one of the many targets in Dishonored, a special animation plays.

Which one is your favorite?

It's a tie for me between Daud and Lady Boyle. For Daud, it just seemed so...awesome, you felt in power. You just slit the throat of one of the most notorious assassins, and to add insult to injury, you threw him from the top of his quarters.

I loved Lady Boyles because it had that Out of no where feel, for a minute, he's just carressing her, then suddenly blood is spewing everywhere as she lays there dead. 

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Crazywarfire Crazywarfire 29 January 2013

Dishonored 2 idea

I discussed this in an earlier conversation and I thought I would actually bring up my ideas for a sequel to this great game. I am a writer who is still writing his first book and I think you may like my ideas.

Note: This blog will update if I come up with a new idea.

  • 1 Gameplay
    • 1.1 Combat
    • 1.2 Abilities
    • 1.3 Exploration
    • 1.4 Chaos
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Protagonists
    • 2.2 Antagonists
  • 3 Swords
  • 4 Dishonored 2 plot summary idea
    • 4.1 Endings
  • 5 Assassination Targets and Kill Animations
  • 6 Conclusion

It is essentially the same as the pervious game albeit, more weapons, more abilities and supernatural powers.

Combat is relatively unchanged with the exception of being able to use two of the same weapons (example; two pistols or a pistol and a crossbow). A.I. Is smarter also.

  • Blink - Same …

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Snowskeeper Snowskeeper 28 January 2013

Elixir Stills

Is there a page for these things yet? I want to know before I accidentally cause the Wiki Apocalypse by creating a duplicate page. 

They only appear twice, but they're pretty useful, and not every figures out that they can use Slackjaw's for free elixir before they poison it. *By 'not everyone' I mean 'me.'*

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Naruto12354 Naruto12354 26 January 2013

Granny Rags Dead?

Ok when I was escaping the golden cat I went throught the "special visitors exit/entrance"(I dont know exactly what it is called) and I ran into granny rags I didnt talk to her instead I choked her out and she turned into a rat pack, I killed them but I didnt see rags for the rest of the game. I finished the game but apparently theres supposed to be a confrontation between rags and slack jaw(acording to other gamers I have discussed this with) it didnt happen for me and i didnt hear from slackjaw for the rest of the game after the "house of pleasure". So theres to things i want to know. 

1.Did I kill Granny rags?

2.Did I bugger up an important mission?

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Naruto12354 Naruto12354 24 January 2013

Dishonored sequel?

1. Do you think there will be one.

2. If yes who do you think it will be about.

3. Would you rage if it wasnt corvo (the main character)

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Naruto12354 Naruto12354 22 January 2013

Alternate endings.

Could somebody please tell me exactly how many alternate endings there are(or how many they have played through), iv played through 2 im wondering if theres a 3rd or 4th or if i am just wasting my time.

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Rainb0wSprinklz Rainb0wSprinklz 21 January 2013

Need help with explosive bullets upgrade

Okay, so I got the blueprints for the explosive bullets upgrade and it unlocked in Piero's shop. However, when I go to buy it it says "Item Corvo's Pistol Required". This is odd because I have a pistol in my inventory. Does Corvo need a special pistol for it to let me purchase the blueprint?

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Gabriel Auditore Gabriel Auditore 15 January 2013

The Text Adventures That Never Were

Greetings Dunwall Citizens!

While going about my business as usual, I stumbled upon something that caught my eye. I took a look at it, and couldn't stop laughing. Since I'm a nice guy who loves to share funny stuff with people, I leave you with this:

  • The Text Adventures That Never Were - Dishonored

Please note that this was a joke by the writers, highlighting some of the quirks of the game, and should not be taken seriously. Normally, I wouldn't need to say that, but this is the Internet after all.

While I'm at it, here are a few more links:

  • The Text Adventures That Never Were - Assassin's Creed III
  • The Text Adventures That Never Were - Mass Effect 3
  • The Text Adventures That Never Were - Far Cry 3

Enjoy! :)

Till next time, 07:23, January 15, 2013 (UTC…

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Buginmyeye Buginmyeye 13 January 2013

Dunwall City Map

I am curious if anyone else has any idea of the layout of Dunwall. 

We are only given maps of specific districts (like the Clavering Blvd. district, and many interior spaces) but it is easy to see that the entire city was planned out by the developers.

In the first level, at Dunwall Tower you are able to see nearly all of the other areas you visit in the game, which is a really good tool for  foreshadowing, but was completely lost on me the first playthrough. Now that I'm taking a better look at it, I really want to try and piece together a city map of Dunwall, which there doesn't appear to be anything similar to either in the game, or in any sort of concept art or other art I have seen.

From what I can understand, the mouth of Wrenhaven Rive…

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Rainb0wSprinklz Rainb0wSprinklz 30 December 2012

Problems with the final confrontation between Granny Rags and Slackjaw

I am playing a no-kill, undetected playthrough.I am at the part where Granny Rags and Slackjaw are at their final confrontation, yet I am finding it impossible to achieve my desired playthrough because of this part. Rendering Granny Rags unconcious through choking her out or a sleepdart apparently adds a hidden kill to your score. Pickpocketing her adds an automatic detection. I also can't help Granny Rags because then I would  need to kill Slackjaw. I have read that to achieve a no-kill, no detection walkthrough I would need to restart my game and avoid Granny Rags as much as possible. I don't like this option because I have spent many tedious hours playing with complete stealth. Basically, what I am asking is if there is anyway to comple…

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JAlbor JAlbor 21 December 2012

2012 Community Choice Awards

Hello there Dishonored Wikians! I just wanted to let you know that today, Wikia launched its site-wide Community Choice Awards! Right now, you can vote on nineteen game-focused categories and even submit your own nominations for entries. Right now, Dishonored has nominations in Game of the Year , Biggest Surprise , Best Power or Ability , Most Compelling Story , Best Action Adventure , Best Game Setting , Best Weapon , Best Developer , and Best Creature .

Of course you can vote for whatever you like. In fact, I encourage you to add your own nominations if you have a favorite not listed. Be sure to vote on all the categories by clicking RIGHT HERE or on the header above!

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ThatRandomUser ThatRandomUser 13 December 2012

TRU is in need of Help

Right, so I recently finished my Dishonored playthrough. (No kill/Ghost)  Well..... I got Clean Hands, but no Ghost. Even though all of my mission stats have it ticked. Also, I can't replay mission 3 in any way what so ever. In the replay menu it just shows as locked even though I have finished the game. Furthermore, can somebody care to explain how replaying a mission works. I know you start with only the goodies you had at the beginning of said mission but do the stats change? Does say replaying Mission 1 mean I have to do the rest all over again? 

Thanks, your friendly,


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Cameron33268110 Cameron33268110 2 December 2012


Hi. I'm writing this and I just want to know, should there be a sequel to Dishonored or not? Just watch this video.

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The Shadow of the Light The Shadow of the Light 27 November 2012


Hello everyone. I was wondering...Whenever I take a screenshot, I always do it including corvos weapons and health and mana bar. I wanted to know how you can take those out of the screenshot. Could someone please tell me how to do this?

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The Shadow of the Light The Shadow of the Light 27 November 2012

Anything that I should know?


I am a bit new here. I just started today. I wanted to see If there are things I should know on this Wiki and If their are certain limits to editing. If there are, please reply and tell me those limits. I would like to help out very much, as I am a big fan of Dishonored. Thank you.

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Supermutantslayer450 Supermutantslayer450 21 November 2012

What exactly contributes to chaos?

So, I just did a run through, trying to be low chaos. I choked out or otherwise knocked out just about everyone (patrolling guards, nosy maids, etc). I killed maybe about 25 people who I didn't have to kill for missions, and that was right at the beginning. I was never full-out detected at any point, no one ever noticed a corpse or body and put the place on high alert. I was very careful, yet I still have high chaos. How can this be? Does choking people out contribute to higher chaos? Because if so, that makes no sense.

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Gabriel Auditore Gabriel Auditore 9 November 2012

Category System

While going through the Lore category, I noticed a lot of pages belong to subcategories as well as the root category. This is a bit redundant, as a tree like category system is much more efficient. I propose that we go on a re-categorization run, and create root categories, which the subcategories will belong to, making the wiki a lot more accessible. I'd love to know your thoughts and suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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Cpt. Carebear Cpt. Carebear 2 November 2012


Now, I know... I'm a relatively new user -- but if you'll been on here lately, I've been spamming the wiki activity with my adding of templates to pages -- achievements, people, etc. Which is why I have started this blog, to bring up an issues that is rather annoying and time consuming.

If a page is written, and a template is needed, how about... you know, you add the template with the proper information instead of a thumpnail of the character/achievement/item, etc.

In the long run, it's time consuming adding categories, recorrecting information and adding templates to pages that should already have them. And yes. I am well aware that this is a young wiki, but it doesn't mean that we should not allow the level of content to be lowered.

There …

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Dead Counter Dead Counter 28 October 2012

DNN-Issue 1

A news report suddenly blares over a loudspeaker

Dead Counter here, I've got my bottle of Dunwall Brand Whiskey and Cullero Cigar in hand....

Bethesda has officially announced Dishonored DLC news. They will be releasing 3 DLC packs in the coming months. The first known as, Dunwall City Trials will be released this December for 4.99USD (PSN & PC) or 400 Microsoft Points (Xbox Marketplace). It's said to include a set of 10 challenge maps that will truly put Corvo's combat, stealth, and mobility skills to the test, with challenges involving drop assassinations and the ability to fight in a arena against the many enemies of Dishonored.

The second DLC add-on will put us all through a campaign centered on Daud. Seems some of us here at the Wiki got…

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JAlbor JAlbor 26 October 2012

Dishonored DLC Announced

Bethesda has just announced three DLC packs for Dishonored - yes, three! First up, Dunwall City Trials will launch this December and include 10 challenge maps. These include arena battles against waves of enemies, a run of drop-assassination tasks, and speed-run requirements. Dunwall City Trials will launch for $4.99 and will come with its own set of achievements (sorry, no EU pricing known as of yet).

The subsequent DLC packs will launch sometime in 2013 and, most importantly, are their own contained story-driven missions. While the names of the DLC packs are still unknown, we know Daud will be the main protagonist in the second content pack. Daud will have his own weapons, powers, and tools at his disposal as well.

This is really exciting news…

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JAlbor JAlbor 24 October 2012

Dishonored Challenge - Kill Everyone

I am back with another Dishonored Challenge! Last week I posted my playthrough of The Royal Physician with a set of self-prescribed limitations. I decided to play through the campaign without touching the ground whenever possible. You can read about that experience and watch the video here!

This time I am back to overcome the campaign with a completely different approach. My new challenge is simple, and I encourage you to try it: KILL EVERYONE!

  • This challenge sounded too easy, so I added the same additional challenge as I did the first: You must complete this campaign as fast as possible.
  • Yes, you must kill civilians as well. (I know. I'm a terrible person.)

  • I was shocked. This challenge was actually way more difficult than the Floor is Lava C…

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8-Bit Jack 8-Bit Jack 24 October 2012

Friendly Facts

I hereby announce the Friendly Facts user game.

In the interest of goodwill and getting to know one another, I propose the adding of Friendly Facts about users to their page, warning people of their unsavory qualities.

The rules are as follows:

  • you may not actually attack anyone, and any edits should be made to be clearly fictitious, and good-natured.
  • If anyone does not want to join in, respect that choice and do not edit their page.
  • Mark all edits under a "Friendly Facts" section, as seen on my own page, to keep all entries to the game clear and easily removable
  • In the case of legitimate vandalism, do not hesitate to report.
  • don't spam someone with Friendly Facts. You get to add ONE per user.
  • SIGN ALL EDITS with four ~'s (Not personal sigs)
  • Only add…
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JAlbor JAlbor 23 October 2012

Dishonored Interview Questions Answered

At last, the questions you sent in have finally returned from Arkane Studios with answers. First off, I am deeply sorry that these came in so late. By now you have likely played the game and found answers for yourself. We should have known that with the high-stress release of the first game, Arkane Studios would have had their hands completely full.

Regardless, I think we get some really interesting responses here anyway, so you find all the questions and answers below - even the ones we already know. Co-Creative Directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith answered the questions and I think you will be happy with most of their responses. Of course they could not answer all your questions, but I did do my best to get them a consolidate lis…

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Slate Vesper Slate Vesper 23 October 2012

DLC News and Call for Suggestions: Dishonored Wiki Newspaper!

Hey there fellow Dunwallians, me and Dead Counter were having a discussion on the Dishonored Wiki IRC client and the idea of a Dishonored-themed newspaper emerged. If any official game news or interesting topics surrounding Arkane Studios come to light, we figured it could be added in an enjoyable format, supplemented by some in-world imaginings.

However, we're a little stuck for some names, and so we thought we'd turn to you guys. If you could crank up your minds, or your hearts if need be, we'd be ever so greatful. So far, here's what we've brainstormed:

  1. The Dunwall Times
  2. Gristol Gazette
  3. Pandyssian Publishings
  4. The Loyal Conspirator
  5. The Dunwall Overseer
  6. The Whaler's Whimsy
  7. The Drunken Whaler

What we aim to do is to collect all the suggestions toge…

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Chrispy9229 Chrispy9229 22 October 2012

What Dishonored’s Corvo Looked Like Before He Got That Fancy Mask

Before Arkane gave him that rather creepy mask we all know and love/fear, Corvo went through multiple design iterations, much of it influenced by the fact that the game was originally going to be set in 17th-18th century London as opposed to the strange mystical-mechanical world we've fallen in love with. Here are some of the concept artworks released on Kotaku.

Evidently he has indeed undergone several design changes. Most likely due to three reasons.

1. The original design invokes a little too much of the Thief series.

2. The setting was shifting away from the original 17th century setting, and could now afford to be more fantastical.

And 3: The 18th century was too close to Assassins Creed 3 (although there was no way they could have known at…

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The.Outsider The.Outsider 21 October 2012


Hello Wikians,

Since I have recently completed Dishonored, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for sequels. Dishonored has sold very well, so it us unlickley that they would just let the Dishonored universe go. You may be skeptical about having a sequel for Dishonored, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Many people will naturally assume that the sequel would have to star Corvo & take place in Dunwall, but no; it doesn't have to. There is such a rich universe contained within this game & the developers, including Bethesda, would be stupid to let this brand new lore slide.

If you asked me for ideas I wouldn't be able to give any specifics, but i could easily give a basic outline for the concept of the game. It's not like it's hard…

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Slendermun Slendermun 20 October 2012

So im playing Dishonred for the 1st time

I didnt really know much about it, im 6 minits in and on the way to seeing a queen a little girl asked me to marry her mother or her......what can i expect from the rest of this game?

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JAlbor JAlbor 19 October 2012

Dishonored Challenge - The Floor is Lava

Since Dishonored is so much about player choice, and we know that there are all sorts of different ways players can overcome the game's challenges, I thought it would be interesting to take my character as is and create a challenge for myself, and you if you would like to participate!

I tried to think of various limitations to set for myself and settled on the classic children's game: The Floor is Lava. Here was my simple limitation: Avoid touching the floor whenever possible!

  • Because of its building layout, I chose to do this challenge in The Royal Physician mission.
  • Of course completely avoiding the ground is impossible, so I touch the floor at certain times, but I think I have to. I also decided that when I touch the floor, I cannot move fr…

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JAlbor JAlbor 16 October 2012

Dishonored: 5 Things You Should Know

Dishonored is out and I am loving it. The game is getting tons of positive responses from critics and players alike, and no wonder, the game features some really well executed ideas. I thought it might be great for those who are still on the fence to list five things people should know about the game that could pique their interest or make for a better play experience. They are also some of my favorite aspects of the game.

Of course I want to know your favorite things about the game as well. What are the things you think players should know about Dishonored? Leave your "5 Things" in the comments below!

This is a more specific and personal pick than the rest, but I highly encourage all players to experiment with the rats. Possession is an ama…

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Unorc Unorc 16 October 2012

Fan Fiction Section?

Hey guys!

I'm unorc, not new to wikis in general, but new to this wiki in particular. As a huge fan of Dishonored, having just completed my first playthrough, and starting my second, I would like to contribute to this wiki. One suggestion I have:

Fan Fiction.

I know what you're thinking: Why would we want a fan fiction section?

Well, the developers at Arkane studios have done a phenomenal job fleshing out the city of Dunwall and its inhabitants, and have provided a rich culture and backstory for the game. A concentrated spot for fan fiction could be very helpful to the community as a whole. Wikia provides great tools for articles on characters, places, and stories. As such, I think a central hub for Dishonored fan fiction, which is almost sure…

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Makatak7 Makatak7 14 October 2012

Things that need to be done.

Hello everybody,

Thank you for reading/contributing to the Dishonored Wiki. With the game now released, we have access to all the information within the game. Since we now have access, we must document all of this information. Here is a list of things that need to be done:

  • Books/Notes/Audiographs: Books being handled by High Overseer.
  • Achievements
  • Bone Charms
  • Each named NPC
  • Complete mission walkthroughs
  • Side quests
  • Bone charm and rune locations
  • Supernatural Ability Guide
  • List of locations
  • List of safe combinations, formatted similarly to this: http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Keycodes_(Deus_Ex:_Human_Revolution)

If you can take charge of any of these, or know of anything else that needs to be done, leave a comment and I'll edit the list.

Thanks everybody!

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JAlbor JAlbor 12 October 2012

Dishonored vs XCOM?

Oh the winter glut of video games has begun! The sheer amount of games that I desperately want to play - scratch that, have to play, is absolutely amazing. Yes, I have been playing Dishonored, but I have also been playing Borderlands 2 and I am still itching to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Pokemon Black & White 2 (that's right, I have no shame about it either).

IGN has a great video about the games coming out the week, which you can check out below. Also, let me know what ELSE you are playing this week in the comments below! Anything I should we should get our hands on? Anything discarded to the side while you play Dishonored? And, perhaps most interestingly, does playing more than one game at the same time affect how you play the others?

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JAlbor JAlbor 9 October 2012

Dishonored Review Roundup

At last! Dishonored is out and playable, right now! While you are taking a break from Dunwall, join me to take a look at the game's critical reception. Simply put, Dishonored is earning a huge heaping of praise. Check out the review roundup below. And, most importantly, let us know your thoughts on the game with the poll and comments section! So, was it worth the wait?

  • 1 Loved It
  • 2 Thought it was ok
  • 3 Hated it
  • 4 Wikia Reviews


It’s a rare delight to play a game with such consistency of vision, its art design, level architecture, rulesets, storylines and writing all working in lockstep. It’s more than enough to give you a deep connection to Dunwall, and the impulse to work to save it.

Read More: http://www.edge-online.com/review/dishonored-review/…

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Springhelled Jack Springhelled Jack 9 October 2012

A Dishonored lets play is on Youtube

go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79s-1siyKKM&list=UUKVEkXhV-RvUJ3CDQ_ySTcQ&index=8&feature=plcpits not by me.

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ThatRandomUser ThatRandomUser 8 October 2012

Dishonored Reviews!!!!

Hey Weepers? TRU here. Just here to tell you the Dishonored reviews have started appearing.

IGN - Score: 9.2 AMAZING

Gamespot - Score: 9.0

(Outsider or somebody can tell me to add more)

WARNING: The reviews contain slight spoilers (Missions number and such, but nothing major)

Looks like Dishonored is gonna be a possible GOTY contender. I personally admire how they have set-up the upgrade menu's. It appears Dishonored's Story is a pay-off to the gameplay and diversity. Still, looks like lots of people will be talking about this one for a long time. Leave your thoughts in the comments. *Considers making personal Dishonored review*

PS: I reccomend you either stop coming to the wiki until you have finished the game because the spoilers are coming. S…

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Dash3rd Dash3rd 3 October 2012

Six days left for us in America!

With the clock tiking down, and only six days until Americans get Dishonored, I would like to see what everyone is anticipating the most. Personally I am looking forward to the choices I will be able to make, in combat, missions, and the rare conversation. Tell me below what you are most looking forward, and maybe the time would pass by a little faster.

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JAlbor JAlbor 28 September 2012

Dishonored Interview Opportunity

The Dishonored wiki is awesome, and Arkane Studios has noticed. Wikia has scored an opportunity to get your Dishonored questions answered by the team behind the game. While there is already a ton of information out there, do you have a burning question that hasn't been answered? Are you dying to know more about Dunwall? Want to know more about combat or art design? Leave your questions in the comments below!

Any relevant questions received by Thursday, October 4th, will be sent to the team for answers!

While we cannot promise every question will be answered, we will do our best to synthesize and collect as many questions as possible. Check back shortly after the October 4th deadline for another blog post brimming with the answers to your que…

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