Stormwell Stormwell 3 February 2014

Thresh Street Runners: Agnew Uptil

Agnew Uptil, former guttersnipe and tick tock lad.

  • 1 Character Sheet
    • 1.1 Attributes
    • 1.2 Skills
    • 1.3 Hindrances
    • 1.4 Edges
    • 1.5 Armour
    • 1.6 Weapon
    • 1.7 Equipment
  • 2 Backstory
  • 3 Notes

  • Agility d8
  • Smarts d8
  • Spirit d6
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d6
  • Charisma 0
  • Pace 6"
  • Parry 5
  • Toughness 4

  • Boating d6
  • Climbing d6
  • Fighting d6
  • Investigation d8
  • Knowledge d4
  • Notice d8
  • Persuasion d4
  • Shooting d6
  • Streetwise d6
  • Survival d6
  • Swimming d4
  • Blink (Power) d6

  • Small (Major)
  • Delusional (Minor)
  • Phobia (Minor)

  • Lucky
  • Arcane Background (Chosen by the Outsider)

  • Head
  • Torso +1
  • Arms +1
  • Legs +1
  • Leather Armour

  • Turn-out pistol, Range 10/20/40, ROF 1, Damage 2d6+1, WT 3, Notes; 2 full actions to reload
  • Sword Cane (Rapier), Damage Str+d4, Notes; Parry +1

  • Leather Satchal (waterproof)
  • Book
  • Writing Equipment
  • Torch
  • Flint and steel

Being the personal journal of me, …

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Stormwell Stormwell 1 February 2014

Tresh Street Runners Season Two Thoughts/Ideas

So with eight cases planned out for my Thresh Street Runners RP campaign for 'Season One', I'm giving some thought to what will be 'Season Two'.

At present I've got the idea of starting it with the Runners investigating a smuggling ring, not realizing that it's corrupted bonecharms that the smugglers are sneaking into the city. As they dig deeper they'll cross paths with the Overseers again and even one of the Grand Guard from Serkonos (who's investigating the merchant's death), both parties having equal chances of being friends or foes.

Course initially the charms won't come into play, having the smuggling ring dealing with the usual contrabrand as would be expected. It would take a number of strange deaths in Dunwall before the Runners' at…

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Stormwell Stormwell 31 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.8 "The Fugue Slasher"

"He watches from the shadows, taunting you he shalt. In the time out of time he shalt strike! Slash! Slash! Slash!"

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

The final case for 'season one' of the Thresh Street Runners concerns the serial killer known as the Fugue Slasher.

The killer has been watching the Runners for quite some time, gauging how well they do and just how skilled they are. With the coming of the Fugue Feast the killer throws down a challange; He'll strike during the Feast when everything is legal and the Runners will have to try and stop him.

The killer will send a letter to the Runners, taunting them and giving them a few clues as to where he intends to strike. The Runners will have to figure things out in what would effectively…

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Stormwell Stormwell 30 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.7 "Blood and Coin"

"The northern road they ride with pistol shot and blood soaked coin left in their wake."

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

Highwaymen have been hitting mail coaches along the Driscol Road north of Dunwall, but only those that were actually carrying coin.

The Runners get tasked with investigating and also the capture of the scroundels, though they'll discover that one of the coach gaurds is in league with the brigands and has been tipping them off as to which coaches to it. Though the guard has only been telling the bandits about the coaches that he knew were carrying coin, there were a few he didn't know about that got through unheeded. The players should hopefully pick up on this little clue and possibly even use it to their advantage. …

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Stormwell Stormwell 30 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.6 "Dirty Deeds"

"An iron road will see trice men fall."

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

Really more of an investigative than a combat one.

A series of businessmen have been turning up dead, all connected by owning the land over which a new railway line is to be built. The company that wishes to build the railway has been trying to get hold of the deeds to the land in question, in addition to forcibly evicting people from the slums that also lie along the proposed route.

One of the dead men was a friend of Magistrate Mattius Cathmore, the chap who created the Runners. Magistrate Cathmore charges the Runners to investigate his friend's death and also the other dead men, which in turn would lead to the railway company.

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Stormwell Stormwell 27 January 2014

Streets of Dunwall

There are many streets in Dunwall encountered throughout the course of Dishonored, here they are listed by District.

  • 1 Distillery District
  • 2 Holger Square
  • 3 Kaldwin Bridge
  • 4 Estate District
  • 5 Flooded District
  • 6 Old Port District
  • 7 Slaughterhouse Row
  • 8 Legal District
  • 9 Drapers Ward
  • 10 Mutcherhaven District
  • 11 Water District
  • 12 Unknown Location

Endoria Street - The 'water front' street that runs from outside Granny Rag's apartment, under John Clavering Boulevard and near to where Samuel drops you off.

Bottle Street - Begins in the alley opposite Granny Rags' apartment, runs through the whiskey distillery and then through a blocked scetion to where it becomes the understreet by the second Wall of Light.

Bloodox Way - Off-shot from Bottle Street, terminates in a dead en…

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Stormwell Stormwell 26 January 2014

The Citadel

The Citadel was constructed some time after the Office of the Royal Spymaster had become public knowledge, it was felt that with the position now widely known a secure building would be needed for the Spymaster and the operatives under his command.

Various Spymasters have over the years commissioned alterations to be made to the building, mostly to improve it's security or modifications made to the Spymaster's living quarters. There are rumoured to be a set of dungeons beneath the Citadel, but nothing has been confirmed or denied either way.

The present Royal Spymaster, Hiram Burrows, has commissioned an extensive renovation of the Citadel which includes the instalation of Sokolov devices throughout the structure. It is widely believed that t…

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Stormwell Stormwell 26 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.5 "Death of a Draper"

"A clother shalt meet his end by those whom meant to protect him."

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

One of Drapers Ward's merchants is found death, laying in the gutter as rumours of gang warfare start to circulate.

The unfortunate chap was late on his 'insurance' payment when Mortimer Hat's lads came calling, not having the coin on him an arguement broke out and the Hatters ran him through mainly as a warning to anyone else thinking of skimping on their payments. Further investigations would lead the players to Hat's mill and probably expose Hat's criminal past.

Thats basic it, though probably places where I can improve and build on.

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 26 January 2014

Dishonored Valentines

Have some valentines!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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TheMightyTom99 TheMightyTom99 25 January 2014

Dishonored Achievement Ideas

In Dishonored, there are a number of different achievement to, uh, achieve. However, I thought that adding a couple more will add more diversity and challenge to the game. And a thanks to all those who suggested ideas to me. So here they are:

  • 1 Combat
  • 2 Stealth
  • 3 Powers
  • 4 Upgrades
  • 5 Exploration
  • 6 Miscellaneous

Murderer - Kill 25 enemies on one mission.

Serial Killer - Kill 50 enemies on one mission.

Warmonger - Throughout the whole game kill over 300 enemies, including 15 civilians, hack 20 security systems, destroy 50 Whale Oil barrels and assassinate all of the main targets.

Sniper - Kill an enemy from over 50 metres away.

Headhunter - Kill 10 enemies with head shots.

Bad Day - Use at least 3 weapons or 3 powers upon one enemy to kill him (ie use at least…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 23 January 2014

Sokolov's Elixir and Piero's Remedy Shots!

I came across this on tumblr

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Stormwell Stormwell 22 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.4 "Brotherhood"

"Like brothers they shalt go unto a bastion of sorrow."

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

Probably going to be the players' toughest case yet.

Basic idea is that a group of Morley rebels known as the "Alban Brotherhood" have started a bombing campaign in Dunwall, the Runners are charged with stopping the rebels as quickly as possible.

Need to think of a few key targets for the rebels to hit;

  • Greaves Refinery
  • Home of a notable Member of Parliament
  • Possibly the Rudshore Gate.
  • Kaldwin Bridge with a view of getting the Empress as she comes to visit the renovation work.
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Pauolo Pauolo 20 January 2014

Missing texts and unused content

After going through the text files of Dishonored and its DLC, I realized we might be missing some written notes and books on the wiki. Since I'm not entirely sure if those are actually present in-game, I'll make here a list of those I found through the files and add the mission they are supposed to appear in, when it's possible to tell. I'll add audiographs and books too if I find some unused ones, possibly objects and their description as well.

UPDATE: I've checked all written notes I could find in the localization files, though it is possible I haven't seen all books nor audiographs. Anyway as you can see there's a lot to check in-game, but some of the followings can be clearly sort out as unrelated to the game as we know it. I'll remove pr…

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Stormwell Stormwell 20 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.3 "The Carmine Affair"

"The house of fallen timber he shalt go, but other forces lurk."

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

Whilst enjoying a boating trip on the Wrenhaven, Lord Carmine's heir and son finds himself being abducted and held to ransom.

The main task of the players would be to find out who abducted the boy, then where he was taken. This would probably involve interrogating a member of the Dead Eels who'd been captured by the City Watch, aside from some insults the players will also get some information about the "old Brigmore place".

Thier investigations would then lead the players to the Brigmore Manor on the outskirts of Dunwall, where they'll find a bunch of ruffains hold up with the boy. The players would have to then take out the ruffains and r…

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Stormwell Stormwell 19 January 2014

Timeline of Events

  • 1 1600s
    • 1.1 1626
  • 2 1730s
    • 2.1 1737
  • 3 1790s
    • 3.1 1794
    • 3.2 1797
  • 4 1800s
    • 4.1 1803
    • 4.2 1804
  • 5 1810s
    • 5.1 1810
    • 5.2 1812
    • 5.3 1815
  • 6 1820s
    • 6.1 1821
    • 6.2 1823
    • 6.3 1826
  • 7 1830s
    • 7.1 1834
    • 7.2 1836
    • 7.3 1837

  • Dunwall's parliament is formed.

  • Mortimer Hat is born.

  • The assassin Daud is born.

  • Corvo is born.

  • Delilah Copperspoon is born.

  • Jessamine Kaldwin is born.

  • Daud arrives in Dunwall.

  • Billie Lurk is born.

  • Corvo arrives in Dunwall, meets Jessamine Kaldwin

  • Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin dies, his daughter Jessamine becomes Empress.
  • A coin toss sees William Trimble leave the Academy of Natural Philosophy.

  • Last proper maintanence done on Rudshore's flood barrier.

  • Emily Kaldwin is born.

  • A statue of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin on Rudshore's Chamber of Commerce is unveiled.
  • Rudshore's flood barrier burst due to poor maintanence and t…

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Observedhalo Observedhalo 19 January 2014

Theoretical Dishonored Patch

With the GOTY edition of Dishonored out, it is unlikely it will be patch for a long while, if at all. I want to know what you would like in this theoretical "final" patch. Please post your ideas below, as I am interested in the communities ideas. Anyway, here's what I want first and foremost. No disappearing bodies. Everybody wants this.

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Stormwell Stormwell 17 January 2014

Tresh Street Runners Case No.2 "Scarlet Traces"

"Many maidens shall become one with the water as he searches for Him."

- Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

Planning ahead and have ideas for the second case, would like to introduce the players more to the Outsiders and chiefly runes/bone charms, etc.

Basic idea steals part of the plot from the first Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film, mainly a bunch of girls have gone missing and turn up dead after being killed in some ritual. The bodies were found in the mud banks of the Wrenhaven by the hermit chap that was hinted at living in the sewers after you breakout from Coldridge, though I'll be calling the hermit Ned Penny and stick with his background of being a sailor as was stated in the dead hermit note. The players would have to track down …

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Stormwell Stormwell 15 January 2014

TSR Case No.1 Omens

"Two of the cloth, one vain and the other devout. Both set sight on the high altar, one destined to go before the Harvest whilst the other by the Rain's end."
-Oracle Evelyn Grimes, Oracular Order.

So I'm finally drawing up ideas for the first adventure that I wish to run for my Dishonored based Thresh Street Runners RPG campaign.

The basic plot is that the players get approached by an Oracle of the Oracular Order who warns them that somebody is going to be killed unless the players can stop it from happening, she'll probably drop hints that its one of the candiates for the position of High Overseer; namely Campbell and a rival.

After that it'll be the players trying to discover who the intended target is and who will try to kill him, perhaps …

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TheMightyTom99 TheMightyTom99 9 January 2014

Dishonored 2 Ideas

In this page, I have decided to bring some ideas for my Dishonored Sequel, as I adored the first game, and alls its DLCs.

  • 1 Characters
  • 2 Gaetan's Perspective
    • 2.1 Protagonists
    • 2.2 Antagonists
    • 2.3 Belligerents
  • 3 Vislaad's Perspective
    • 3.1 Protagonists
    • 3.2 Antagonists
  • 4 Powers and Gadgets
    • 4.1 New Powers
    • 4.2 New Gadgets
    • 4.3 New Weapons
    • 4.4 New Armour
  • 5 Missions and Hub
    • 5.1 Mission 1 - A Fateful Fall
    • 5.2 Mission 2 -
    • 5.3 Mission 13 - A Happy Return (Low/High)
    • 5.4 Mission 14 - The Hammer Falls (High)
  • 6 Side Missions
    • 6.1 Side Mission 8 - The Dragon's Wings (requires main storyline to have been completed)
  • 7 Story
    • 7.1 Gaetan's Story - High Chaos Beginning
    • 7.2 Vislaad's Story
    • 7.3 History
  • 8 New Enemies
    • 8.1 Overseers
    • 8.2 Guards
    • 8.3 Gangs
    • 8.4 Animals
    • 8.5 Pirates
  • 9 Tweaks to the Old Game
    • 9.1 Tier 3 - Old Powers
    • 9.2 Chan…

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 10 December 2013

New Chap Up!

Finally after TWO FRIGGIN' MONTHS I was able to put up a new chapter of my fic.

Here's a link to the fic: Let me know what you think: good, bad, nice, crappy, whatevs...

Just a bit of a spoiler, my Assassins have a bit more... 'personality' than the common ones found in the game itself.

EDIT: Addendum (and a bit of Trivia):

The origin of the minor character named Akila in chapter 4 does indeed come from a list of Assassin names discovered in the Daud-centered DLCs. However, being someone who has taken a study of names as a pasttime, I researched the name, Akila.

Most accounts I've discovered reference its modern use as a female name meaning 'intelligent' and 'wise…

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Blood Ox Blood Ox 7 December 2013


I want to make a navbox for achievements, but my first version doesn't look great.

Art Dealer The Art of the Steal Back Home Big Boy Bodyguard Capturing Genius and Madness Child Care Clean Hands Cleaner Creepy Crawly Dishonored Dunwall in Chaos The Escapist Excommunication Faceless Food Chain Gentleman Caller Ghost Harm's Way Hornets' Nest Inhabitant Just Dark Enough King of the World Lights Out Long Live the Empress Manipulator Merchant of Disorder Mercy is the Mark Mostly Flesh and Steel Occultist Platinum Blades and Dark Corners Poetic Justice Political Suicide Razor Rain Regicide Resolution Rogue Shadow Specter Speed of Darkness Street Conspiracy Surgical Tempest Thief This is Mine An Unfort…
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Essie Essex Essie Essex 3 December 2013

Where the Lights Mingle (Part I) - new story for i-want-a-callisto on Tumblr

Story for i-want-a-callisto from my 200 follower giveaway (which was a really long time ago). This will be in four parts. Hopefully, I’ll finish it before the end of the year. Also, not my best writing, but I’m posting it anyway.


Eleanor Hickey is thrust from her world at the Academy of Natural Philosophy after meeting Overseer William Huxley - a man who desires a simple solution for a very serious problem. Together, they search for the truth amidst the lies of the Abbey and the comfort of the Academy, their only weapon marked on the back of the Overseer’s hand.


Pen of Dunwall

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Stormwell Stormwell 28 November 2013

Thresh Street Runners

Thresh Street Runners is a Dishonored based RP campaign that I am currently working on/running with the Savage Worlds system.

The basic premise is that the players are investigators working for Magistrate Mattius Cathmore, magistrate for the Rudshore District and founder of the Runners. Concerned by the rising tide of crime that was plaguing the city, Magistrate Mattius Cathmore formed a small group charged with serving writs, detective work and arresting offenders. The group was based out of his office in Rudshore's Thresh Street and soon earned the name of the Thresh Street Runners, they would later be recognized (but not well liked) by the City Watch. The Runners were given the thankless task of investigating the most serious and unsolvable …

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MistaBlitz MistaBlitz 27 November 2013

What do you do first?

I am new to this website in terms of posting and contributing. And so I do not know if what I am about to ask and talk about should be posted as a blog or something else but oh well here goes lol.

My question is: in dishonored what powers and abilities do you choose first, upgrade, and play with. I am very interested in reading everyone's answers. It can be for the main game or the DLC's (knife of dunwall and brigmore witches)

To show an example I will post mine first. This will be for the 2 aforementioned DLC's. I like to always start out with void gaze 2 right off the bat. And then my next choice is always blink 2, I try n get it in the same mission. Then the next mission I always get agility level 1 next. Mainly for the extra jump height.…

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TheCrabShack TheCrabShack 23 November 2013

Dunwall, Pronunciation Guide.

I figured it'd be cool to create some sort of pronunciation guide to some of the more unfamiliar words/names in Dishonored. I'm not sure where on the wiki they'd fit so I'm putting them in a blog. I guess if there's enough words/pronunciations included, then we can create a new page, depends what everybody else thinks.

But yeah, I'll add a few just to get the blog started...

Karnaca (kurhn-AK-a) The kurhn is like saying Grrrr, so more karrhn than Karn.

Serkonos (serk-OH-nus)

Sokolov (SO-kuhl-ov)

Tyvia (TI-vee-uh)

Morley (MOR-lay)

Cullero (koll-er-OH) 

Shindaeray (shin-DER-ay)

Let me know what you think or if there's any names/place names worth adding.

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TheCrabShack TheCrabShack 23 November 2013

Daud, Delilah, Emily, Storyline Help.

This blog is effectively a plea, there's two things regarding the end of The Brigmore Witches which have left me somewhat puzzled... please help!

(Obviously this will probably contain spoilers for those who haven't completed the DLC, so read at your own risk...)

Thalia Timsh mentions to Daud that Delilah wrote Daud's name on a painting, I guess this wasn't anything to do with the possession of Daud, (it needs to be an actual image related to the victim) so it's simply referencing a link between them both. Delilah mentions this at the end, she says something about Daud giving her, her chance in the first place, so...

1. Is 'this chance' simply the killing/getting rid of Jesamine to allow Delilah a chance at the throne, and was the name simply …

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 23 November 2013

Which Witch is Which?

Halloween is long past, but the subject of witches still seem to be prevalent in some people's minds here at our wiki.

So, here's the discussion (and this may include a bit of a spoiler... so, uh SPOILER ALERT):


At the completion of the the second mission of The Brigmore Witches (The Dead Eels), there is a chance that the ship will be attacked. I hope to find out why.

Our intrepid Assassin turned protagonist Daud, has to free Lizzy' Stride's ship, the Undine.

Bypassing warring Hatters and Dead Eels, Daud gets to the Riverfront where the ship is located. Now if you listen to some of the patrolling Dead Eels, you find out that someone is watching them. Thomas, your right hand guy, also confi…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 21 November 2013

About Links with " 's "

So, based on recent edits I'm thinking you all might be wondering, "Hey, when I have a link that has 's on the end, does the 's go in the link or outside the link?" Well, the answer to that question (until stated otherwise) is that it doesn't matter. So, please stop changing them back and forth, and unless you're planning on editing the entire page, just leave them alone and let them be themselves. Thank you.

And please don't leave any messages on my wall about this. In fact, just never mention this to me ever again. Thanks.


8-Bit prefers 's inside the link (and so do I), so it is wiki law. Just keep in mind that it would be nice if you edited the entire page instead of just editing one link. Just sayin.

/me bitching about stuff

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TheCrabShack TheCrabShack 20 November 2013

We may never see Corvo Attano again.

I find it quite difficult to imagine that the world of Dishonored as we know it, the plight of Dunwall and all of its glorious inhabitants will make it into Dishonored 2. Why? Well, I’ll explain.

The reason Dishonored was considered a “breath of fresh air,” and one of its most grandiose endorsements delivered to the gaming world, was, simply, choice.

A. Freedom. Of. Choice.

It was an attractive proposition and kick-started my interest in Dishonored. Smack-bang in the middle of this freedom of choice is Corvo Attano. Corvo, to me, is a blank canvas; you, the gamer, are the artist and you are the author; “the birth of the [gamer] must be at the cost of the death of the [developer].” Arkane have—in a Barthian sense at least—selflessly removed th…

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 20 November 2013

Horses in Dishonored

Alright, let's talk horses.

Here's the big question of the day/week/month... or hour/minute/moment:


I personally believe they do... but my belief is mostly speculation, so as a seeker of knowledge, I wish to pose the above question to you, my fellow Dishonored players, so you can tell me what you think.

Evidence for:

First, we have this here pic:

Now, this picture was originally (from my understanding at least) pre-release artwork.

Carriages, railcars, and coaches are motorized in the actual game. Coaches seem to be able to travel OFF of the steel rails, thus making them more accessible to older areas of the city.

I would normally say then that the developers decided to drop the concept of horses. Perhap…

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 10 November 2013

How to freak out at 1:13am

Yeah, so I'm on the chat here last night at a little past 1am (CST). Suddenly, there's this odd creaking sound a room and a half away and then immediately thereafter lots of noise, a few crashes, and finally REALLY loud thuds.

I rush over to the dining room and find utter chaos. Dust is billowing everywhere and I see PART OF THE FRIGGIN' CEILING of the dining room um... IN the dining room.

My house-mate's bedroom is right above the dining room and I honestly thought she and her bed fell through. I was calling out to her and HOPING she was okay. I sorted through the mess, trying to fan the dust and floating debris, only to realize (with much relief) that the floor above hadn't broken, just the plaster beneath it.

So she comes downstairs, wide-ey…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 1 November 2013

For extra lore or whatever

Contains a link leading to a translation site with dialogue that was cut from Dishonored.

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PikovajaDama PikovajaDama 1 November 2013

Pumpkin Spice Bars II

Hello everybody!

Since it is All Hallows today, which is a Holiday in parts of Germany, I used my free time today to try out Geist's recipe for Pumpkin Spice Bars. (I hope you don't mind me creating another blog post rather than commenting ;))

Interestingly enough, I found out that my beaker also features US- measurements, so I was able to really use cups.

However, I had to make some minor alterations to the original recipe. First of all, I used only half the amount for every ingredient  because I used a spring-form pan, which is smaller than a jelly roll pan, I guess.

Then, I used half of a fresh Red Kuri squash, cooked until soft and then mashed, because I prefer fresh fruit/vegetables, and canned pumpkin isn't available in Germany anyway.


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Essie Essex Essie Essex 31 October 2013

Hound Pits Pub Brand Mulled Cider

Only six months ago, you could get a big mug of hot mulled cider made right at the Hound Pits Pub for eight coins - a bit pricey, but perfect for warming up on a cold night, its signature being the hint of spicyness that lingered in your throat after taking a sip. With the Hound Pits closed until further notice, I thought I would share their recipe for the hot mulled cider we all know and love. How did I get ahold of this recipe? It's a secret.


  • 1 apple
  • (2 teaspoons/~10mL) whole cloves
  • 1 orange, thinly sliced
  • (2 quarts/8 cups/~1893mL) apple cider
  • (1/2 cup/~118mL) light brown sugar
  • (1/4 cup/~59mL) lemon juice
  • 1 (3-inch/~8cm) cinnamon stick, broken into pieces
  • (1-inch/2-3cm) peeled, fresh ginger, cut into 6 slices
  • (1/~5mL) teaspoon allspice…

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 30 October 2013

Pandyssian Bull Rat Skewer

Hey, here's another recipe... This one more in standing with the universe of Dishonored.

This is NOT my recipe, but I don't remember where I got it from, so I can't really take credit.

Anyway... here it is.

In Dunwall, a survivor has to do with whatever food he or she can come across. And with the abundance of rats overrunning the capital, sometimes the following is the one way:



  • 1 to 1-1/2 lbs ground beef
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 cup finely crushed cheddar cheese crackers (I personally use Cheezits brand)
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 lb block cheese (Colby, Colby Cheddar (my fave), or Jack Colby)
  • 8 wooden meat skewers or equivalent
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • 1 cup barbecue sauce (I used a tangy and slightly sweet one myself)

Optional Tails

  • 4 pieces spaghett…
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Essie Essex Essie Essex 29 October 2013

Petals on the Water - a spooky fanfic for Dishonored Halloween

Petals on the Water

My readers read this before I posted it here, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it anyway.

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 25 October 2013

Pumpkin Spice Bars

Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, here's a recipe for you all. I usually prefer to make my dishes with fresh fruit, but a friend of mine suggested that since not everyone has access to that, that I should substitute canned equivalents whenever possible, so here you go:

Pumpkin Spice Bars


- 4 large eggs                  - 1/2 tsp ground cloves

- 2 cups sugar                 - 1 cup raisins (I prefer golden raisins myself)

- 15 oz can pumpkin       - 2 cups flour

- 2 tsp baking powder     - 2 tsp cinnamon

- 1 tsp baking soda         - 1/2 tsp salt

- 1/2 tsp ginger                - 1 cup oil


Cream Cheese Frosting

- 1 30oz pack cream cheese, softened

- 1/3 cup butter, softened

- 1 tsp vanilla

- 2 cups powdered sugar




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Essie Essex Essie Essex 13 October 2013

Picture Recolors

I've been recoloring some of the pictures on the wiki so they won't look so faded and "foggy" from being lightened, and I've been editing out crosshairs and captions, etc., so if you want the "added by" caption to say your name again, just go to the picture's info, copy the picture in its full resolution, paste it into an appropriate program and save, go back to the picture's info, click the "file history" tag, click "upload a new version of this file" at the bottom, and upload your updated copy of the picture.

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Masterforger Masterforger 13 October 2013

I don't care, It's Dunwall

I rewrote Icona Pop's I Love It and made it Dishonorable

 I got this feeling on the summer day when the plague was here I crashed my railcar into Kaldwin’s Bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw the body into a bag and gave it to the Watch. I crashed my railcar into the bridge.

I don't care, it’s Dunwall. I don't care.

I got this feeling on the summer day when the plague was here I crashed my railcar into Kaldwin’s Bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw the body into a bag and gave it to the Watch. I crashed my railcar into the bridge.

I don't care, it’s Dunwall. I don't care.

You're on a different track, I'm in the Legal District You want me down on Trade, but I am up in Law You're so damn hard to pay, we gotta kill the Regent You're fro…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 11 October 2013

Ella or Emma?

Is this chick named Ella or Emma?

At first I heard "Ella", but then I heard "Emma", and then I heard "Ella" again. There's someone named "Ella" on the guest list, but the aristocrats outside want to make fun of someone named "Emma".

Anyway, I'll make a page for her if I can get the right name.

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PikovajaDama PikovajaDama 9 October 2013

Did you ever ask yourself...

...why Corvo never gets stuck on a hook or a salient nail with his long coat while freerunning across the roofs of Dunwall? Aren't his clothes pretty impractical for what he is doing?

...why there aren't any cats in Dunwall who could help decimating the rats?

...why there is not a single woman seen in the entire game wearing a skirt?

...why there seem to be no children in Dunwall besides Emily?

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 6 October 2013

Black Sally

I was just fooling around with a picture from google images and made her into Black Sally. It didn't take any talent, but making it was really tedious, so I thought I'd share it.

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 3 October 2013

Deception and Dishonor

I've been writing a fic and my newest chap (ch 3) is up.

Here's a link to the story:

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MDGeistMD02 MDGeistMD02 1 October 2013

How to freak out at 3:10am

I write fanfiction, okay? And being a bit narcissistic, I routinely check to see if anybody's read/followed/reviewed/whatevs... on either of my fics...

Tonight I'm going along, jumping all over the 'net for like no reason whatsoever then about 5 minutes ago I figured 'screw it I wanna check my numbers over at FanFiction'. So I log on... only to find that there is absolutely ZERO people that have read my fics at all EVER!

So, I freak out... a bit. THEN after about a minute of said freaking-out-ness I realize DUH, it's a new month and your numbers get reset to zero.

Yeah.... I really need to get more than four hours of sleep a night... ya know, so my brain functions at least part way...

Okay, well, this Blog is kinda pointless I just realized...…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 1 October 2013

A Friendly Visit (featuring Bea from "Love, Your Bastards")

Bea pays Mitch a visit after the incident on the Katherina.


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Essie Essex Essie Essex 27 September 2013

Spooky Dishonored Halloween

Spooky Dishonored Halloween on Tumblr

Feel free to participate or to just read/look!

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TinyLittleWheatley TinyLittleWheatley 24 September 2013

Dishonored 2 Ideas

There's been a lot of skepticism and rumors of a Dishonored sequel, (or perhaps prequel) so I thought I'd share some of my ideas...

The game would revolve around a dishonored overseer from the city of Whitecliff. When asked to burn three supposed witches at the stake, the player can either go through with it or refuse, starting the game off with either low or high chaos.

In the high chaos beginning, the protagonist burns the innocent women but soon regrets his actions. He realizes the Overseer's true intentions and leaves the abbey, only to be captured and given the Heretic's brand. The protagonist then escapes custody and begins the cleansing of religious oppression in Whitecliff.

In the low chaos beginning, the protagonist refuses to burn t…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 24 September 2013

Tales of the Heart - Ch.14

Tales of the Heart - Ch. 14 is up!


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Essie Essex Essie Essex 24 September 2013

Special Actions

Holy shit, I'm SO glad people are filling in the special actions sections on the missions pages, because I was not looking forward to going through every mission trying to get every special action that I could.

Thank you!

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 23 September 2013

Love, Your Bastards: Part IV - FINAL

Part 4. The final part!


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