• Fradi780

    Creative kills.

    October 19, 2016 by Fradi780

    Sometime I wonder how nice it would be if we could share ideas for creative kills huh? So let's make that idea true,if you find it right to post some creative kills down below thn aye,Although I might just write myself a few here,And if you want too,I can put it in here so everybody will know which kills was which idea aye? To boost things up I will start.

    Bending time(II)-Throw a grenade to an enemy-Put springazor infront of him-Watch as another enemy runs into your sweet trap/kill.

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  • DrTeatime

    Time for Tea

    October 19, 2016 by DrTeatime

    I would say that time flies but it has in fact been a very long year.

    But now seems as good a time as any to let you all know what's been going on with me. The gist of it is that I've had to deal with a bunch of things in my life over the last few months, the most notable being deppression. I am getting all the help I need so there's no reason to worry about me, but it's not something that will go away overnight.

    However, as a result of all this I've had very little energy or motivation to do much of anything and this unfortunately includes working on the wiki. It really sucks, particularly given how close we are to Dishonored 2 but it's just the way things are for now.

    But I'm not writing this to say "goodbye", rather I want to say "see you …

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  • TheCrabShack

    Things to do.

    October 18, 2016 by TheCrabShack

    In order of appearance:

    • Zhukov "the prisoner"
    • Emily Kaldwin
    • Galia Fleet
    • Rinaldo Escobar
    • Corvo Attano
    • Yul Khulan
    • Jameson Curnow
    • Wyman
    • Captain Ramsey of the City Watch
    • Commander Kittredge of the Wrenhaven River Patrol
    • Azahriah Fillmore (Slackjaw)
    • Jaxon, Clem, Devon, Finn (members of Galia's gang)
    • Esma Boyle
    • Lydia Boyle
    • Dr Toksvig (Royal Physician)

    • Madame Steele (daughter of madame Prudence)
    • Duke Luca Abele
    • Empress Larisa Olaskir
    • Milosch
    • Karol Topek (first hero of the state)
    • Secretary Cushing
    • Secretary Toren
    • Secretary Kalin
    • Ichabod Boyle
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  • WarfareOverseers

    Hey all Amon here, I was thinking about various what if ideas for Dishonored 2 and something crossed my mind. Well you ever notice durging a playthrough of Dishonored if you were to be killed it would just tell you how "you have met your demise" and just allow you to restart?. Well, while playing games such as the Batman Arkham series I have come to love the game over screen quote mechanics said by the various villians that you face  if you were to fail and die. So my question is what if they were to put something like this into Dishonored 2?, like I know they added animations that the guards can perform on you to kill you which in my opinion is insult to injury already (haha) but what if they went one step further with it?. Ex: Say Emily …

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  • TheCrabShack

    Dishonored 2 pre-order bonuses:

    So, it seems that collecting all of the pre-order bonuses for Dishonored 2 is a kleptomaniac’s nightmare. Various (tat) bonus material has been distributed around the world. Well actually tat is a little harsh because the SteelBooks are quite attractive. But sparked by a tweet by Harvey Smith I thought I’d look into what some of these extra items are. It turns out it opens up something of a can-of-worms. This is what I’ve uncovered so far:

    Obviously please contribute accordingly with any extra information not on the list. I’ll not include anything I consider ‘regular,’ i.e. Digital Definitive edition of Dishonored 1, and the contents of the Collector’s edition (mask, ring, poster, portraits-SteelBook).

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  • Blood Ox

    Dates of Importance

    October 15, 2016 by Blood Ox

    • 1805: Jessamine Kaldwin is born.

    • 1837: Jessamine Kaldwin is assassinated, Hiram Burrows assumes power.

    • 1789: Corvo Attano is born.

    • 1823: Jessamine and Corvo become lovers.
    • 1827: Emily Kaldwin is born.

    • 1804: Delilah Copperspoon is born.

    • 1795: Daud is born.

    • 1813: Billie Lurk is born.

    • 1837: Emily Kaldwin is crowned Empress.

    • 1625: War of Four Crowns ends.
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  • 8-Bit Jack

    Spoiler Tags

    October 15, 2016 by 8-Bit Jack

    So I have a question: 

    Do we REALLY need the spoiler tag? 

    This is a wiki. It exists to gather knowledge of the game/series.

    If you don't want to know the details of something, why are you looking it up? 

    Spoiler tags just clutter the page.

    Let's get rid of them 

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  • Krisars94

    So, today is the 4th anniversary of Dishonored's release. And to be honest, I wanna talk about it today because how much the game made an impact on me.

    So back on 2012, I played Dishonored for the very first time. My first impression about how much I loved the art design. It felt evocative and painterly in some ways. I really liked the powers and the stealth gameplay, especially the level design. Unfortunately, back when I reached near the end, I felt meh as some of the flaws became apparent to me. For instance, I didn't feel emotionally invested to Corvo because he was silent and some of the level design felt lackluster later on

    However, when I played it again, this time with the Daud DLCs (KoD/TBW), I was amazed. I enjoyed listening to Dau…

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  • Fradi780

    Well I do find a lot of people are wondering why Daud didn't had pull in the Knife Of Dunwall and I think it's because whenever Daud is giving his power he loses a small part of it but whenever that person dies/loses the arcane bond with Daud he gets it back and by that it can explain why in Knife Of Dunwall he didn't had those powers,However I know it's a bit unlogical but think about it whenever Daud said whenever he meets granny rags he loses a small part of him,and if the tortuer is Granny rags student so how the hell can he pull while she can't,So I think Daud basicly have some kind of a bond with her if he likes it or not,Since Daud can't acutely control on his I think whenever he does gain it with someone he just loses a …

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  • Fradi780

    Fan fiction powers,(Fradi)

    September 25, 2016 by Fradi780

    Well I know a lot of people of done it and I have my own ideas so I better say them before people will just be to deep in D2.

    First power will be Demonic touch-Allows the player to corrupt other people like civilians and Guards but no supernautrel beings.

    1.Upgrade:Madness-Guards that are effected by this ability will now also distract other guards.

    2.Upgrad:Inner demons-Whenever an enemy is effected by this ability,He will choke out guards for you,Or kill them,Based on your chaos(He will choke out/Kill up to 3 guards before he decides he had enough)

    3.Upgrade:Alliance-The enemy that is effected by this ability will now help you by giving you tips and turning off secruity devices for you,(Up to 3 Devices before they get caught)

    Second is The Vo…

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  • Indiano40

    I was looking for runes at the Brigmore witches DLC. When I found the next one of the first area I blinked to the location (It's in the last floor of a building, inside an apartment. When I got there I found a man worshiping the rune, the walls were surrounded by a lot of marks related to black magic but what interested me more was that this room had two or three of Emily's drawings that used to be at her tower, one of those was a drawing of Jessamine with the word "MOMMY" written at the top and another one that I think is a boat. Does someone know something abot it?

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  • Mice Overseer

    Edge article Sept 2016

    September 15, 2016 by Mice Overseer

    Just thought I'd summarize the new info from the Edge article for anyone interested.

    • The basic version of Domino actually has a 'relatively long' transmission time, although this can be reduced with upgrades.
      • The damage transmission from Domino is EXACT, for instance Dominoing a headshot from a regular guard to an overseer will kill the guard but not the overseer, as his mask will block the damage.
    • Mantling is 'more acrobatic'.
    • Holding the attack button will charge an attack (this was sort of evident in the Dust District gameplay, but I think it's worth having it confirmed).
    • Clockwork soldiers 'can be dismembered, limb by limb'.
      • They can also be rewired to be friendly.
    • There is a mission called 'The Edge Of The World' with 'a big, sprawling area …
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  • MDGeistMD02

    A Special Anniversary

    August 31, 2016 by MDGeistMD02

    Just over three years ago, I stumbled across the Dishonored wiki. My original reason for visiting was to get some background info for the Dishonored universe.

    Being new to wikis at the time, however, I really didn't know what I was doing (which is quite evident if you check my early history here). On the third day, I noticed an icon on the Chat Room.

    The icon was that of Corvo's face lifting his mask, and belonged to another user here named User:PikovajaDama from Germany. By happenstance, she was new to this wiki as well. We began chatting and had a pleasant time.

    This soon became a mainstay, however, and I became a regular visitor to the wiki and the chat room. I met some great people here and formed some good friendships, but would often ch…

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  • Essie Essex

    Hey everyone, this is just a reminder to source your images. There are quite a few on the first page of new images that aren't sourced, and I can be guilty of this too, so let's make sure that we all get back into the habit of sourcing images when we upload them, since it can be easy to fall behind.

    Also, I don't know if this has been discussed, but what do you all think about making seperate galleries for Dishonored and Dishonored 2 in articles?

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  • The Dark-Eyed One

    Pistol Images

    July 31, 2016 by The Dark-Eyed One
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  • Blood Ox

    I believe that some of you dislike having links to category pages in the text of articles. I don't like it myself, but I'm interested in hearing whether anyone thinks that such links have merit, and why. In case nobody wants to keep them, does anyone mind if I go out of my way to remove the links?

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  • The Dark-Eyed One

    Shock Bolt: An alternative form of ammunition for the crossbow, the shock bolt temporarily stuns a target with a charge of electricity, allowing them to be insta-killed with a sword or easily choked into unconsciousness. An upgrade could allow the shock to arc to other enemies near to the target, allowing multiple people to be stunned at once, providing a very useful method of crowd-control. The Shock Bolt can also, with an upgrade, short-out and disable mechanical devices, such as security systems and Clockwork Guards, but does not arc between them.

    Delirium Dart: Fired from the crossbow similarly to the Sleep Dart, the Delirium Dart causes the target to enter a state of manic delirium of hostility and fright, attacking their companions, r…

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  • Essie Essex

    It's here!

    July 13, 2016 by Essie Essex

    The package finally came! Totally made my day.

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  • Blood Ox

    Made-up Ability

    July 12, 2016 by Blood Ox

    Erase is a supernatural ability I came up with. It causes a target object or living being to temporarily disappear.

    Targets can be erased from a distance, and multiple targets can be erased at the same time. The cost of the ability and the duration of the effect both depend on the size of the target. Possible targets include (but are not limited to): rats, grenades, river krusts, whale oil tanks, bodies, alarms, projectiles, arc pylons, doors, and walls of light.

    Living targets do not experience the time that passes while they are erased, and therefore won't even know that they were gone. Targets retain the state they were in before being erased, including detection level and velocity.

    Erased objects and living beings are still visible to the …

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  • Knakveey

    Hey there!

    Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our 4th annual battle is coming up in a few weeks, and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate!

    Click here to nominate a food from your community. The top 64 nominations will battle it out in Round One, which launches Monday, July 18.

    We'd love to see a new variety of fantasy foods this year, so if your community won a past battle, we encourage you to submit different foods. Only new submissions will be considered, so get creative, and rally your community for votes!

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  • Essie Essex

    Full article with videos can be found here:

    Dishonored 2 releases this November, and it offers you two different playable characters. As recipients of the Outsider's Mark, Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin have a variety of unique supernatural powers. The Dishonored series is known for its crazy combinations of abilities, and this new set of skills will define Dishonored 2. So, what can we expect to see out of our preferred magical assassin?

    While Corvo still retains the same basic abilities from the first game, he now has the option of upgrading them further, opening up new possibilities for their use. Here are some of the new or augmented powers you can expect in Dishonored 2.

    Bend Time – Corv…

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  • Awesomeminer190

    [Excerpt from a dissertation on Dunwall's Rat Plague and the restoration of the city, Day 17, Month of Nets, 1840]

    The dreaded Rat Plague, as every man, woman, and child who bore witness to it, was something of epic and tragic proportions--one that consumed the lives of many folk, both common and aristocratic, both civilian and military, in the great capital of our beloved Empire. While many speculated on the dreaded contagion's origin, from a curse sent out by a malicious Void spirit, to infilitration by a foreign power, the truth of the atrocity was revealed in due time, thanks to the apparent work of a Loyalist Conspiracy bent on restoring our current Empress, Emily Kaldwin I, to the throne. Based on evidence garnered by the investigator…

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  • DrTeatime

    British Punctuation

    June 25, 2016 by DrTeatime

    I would appreciate some further discussion and comments on this. My initial reply was:

    "The rule about British punctuation was introduced fairly late and it seems no one went back and changed it in articles already written. I’m definitely in favour of British punctuation though, it makes more sense than American.

    I also wasn’t aware of this issue until now and I don’t think the fact that a lot of articles fail to abide by this rule should count against it in this discussion. You can’t fix a problem you’re unaware of but now that I know about it I’m quite willing and able to amend it throughout the wiki. But I’m holding off on doing so for now until the matter has been discussed."

    And I still stand by this but my hands are tied until we get so…

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  • PikovajaDama

    Creating new pages

    June 25, 2016 by PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody!

    I would like  to address an issue that was brought up in Lord Boots' monster blog. I can see the hypocrisy he was criticizing, as we do indeed have pages containing merely one sentence, like many of the cities, while other topics like the Morely insurrection, which we have much more info about, are denied an own page and redirected to a section on the Morley page.

    I think the problem stems from the fact that pages get created sometimes without the creator asking first if this page is necessary/the topic warrants its own page. Which is something we can't  avoid, and I'm not planning on adding a rule about having to ask before creating a new page cuz that would kinda defeat the purpose of a wiki, where participation is welcome…

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  • PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody,

    after we agreed to NOT add pre-release info to older pages for the time being, it has come to my attention that this rule tends to cause problems. New users come and add things and, according to our rules, get them removed. I can see how this causes tons of  frustration since everyone's excited for the new game and with all that info lying in front of us, much of it from actually pretty reliable sources, it is quite of a pain NOT to add it.

    Plus, there's tons of edge cases. Info on page no, but D2-age added for confirmed recurring characters yes, info on the Timeline page  etc...

    On the other hand, I can very well see where the reasoning for the no-adding rule is coming from. Gametrailers lie, and devs are notorious for prese…

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  • Ciaranhappy2

    Ok, so lets get started.

    First thing i noticed, less victorain aricecture, and more colonial, do icare? No, as a Age of Sail enthusiast (practicly) i actully prefered it.

    I also noticed the wall of light looks the same based on the split second i saw it.

    Still seems to have those things that i dont know how to name.

    The Overseers are new, for the worst it seems, there new outfit isnt impressive... 

    And is that Samual is saw!?

    i thought in all D1 endings he got ran over by a tidal wave! 

    And i think thats Delilah, i thoight i threw her into a trash bin and ran away laughing... 

    Overal, looks like a worthy sequal, but like D1, it has flaws it seems, small and mostly Overseer costume related but there thiere.

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  • Awesomeminer190

    [Excerpt from a Natural Philosopher's Journal during an expedition to the Far Continent, Day 12, Month of Earth, 1842]

    Contrary to the belief of those uneducated buffoons that prowl the streets of most major cities of the Isles, the Imperial Capital of Dunwall included, the land of Pandyssia is NOT home to dread creatures, a portal to the Void, or men with the heads of dogs or lizards (I had to stop my research on the last myth, after an associate of mine took a perverse interest in that legend). Rather, it is a place where all life has blossomed over untold aeons, creating an amazing organic patchwork that even the great trees of Karnaca or the shadowy moors of Morley could not even rival. However, let me take my time to introduce to the s…

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  • Awesomeminer190

    [Excerpt from a guide to the various burial and funerary practices of the Islander Cultures, Day 3 of the Month of Seeds, 1845]

    As many people may know, the concept of death in such a hostile and strange world is all to familiar, especially with tragedies and events such as the Morley Famine, or the infamous Rat Plague, the latter of which thankfully ended due to the collaboration of the esteemed Natural Philosophers Anton Sokolov and Piero Joplin. However, even as time progresses, the specter of death still lies heavy upon mankind, from the weary travellers of the far North beset by packs of ravenous beasts, to the ageing of the human corpus over time. In this anthropological dissertation, we explore the various rituals and aspects of mour…

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  • Lord Boots

    It has come to my attention in the writing of this Wikia that several inconsistencies, hypocrisies and hypothetical 'nails' exist within this wiki's administrative functions. Inconsistencies in page layouts, Manuel of Style guidelines, and an overall lack of an active user base threaten this wiki's ability to engage an active community of readers to ensure the competitive nature of this Wikia to become and remain an accurate and reliable source of information on the Dishonored franchise as a whole. It is not my intention to sound arrogant, bossy, or presumptive, nor do I intend to 'force' any of these possible solutions upon you, the administrators and users of this site. It is merely my hope that through the accurate listing, presentation …

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  • 8-Bit Jack

    Big Thanks

    June 15, 2016 by 8-Bit Jack

    As you have probably noticed, we have a new background here at Dishonored Wiki

    While the final image may be tweaked a bit in the coming days, it's still a new and appealing image, celebrating both the love for the original, and the excitement for the sequel. 

    I'd like to ask everyone to give DrTeatime a big thank you for their work on this awesome new graphic!

    Maybe share some friendly knowledge with the rest of us!

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  • Essie Essex

    Okay, so I really like this picture that Teatime uploaded and did some backgrounds that we could use for the wiki. If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to add them.

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  • Jack The Dingo

    Okay because wiki felt like posting it when i hit enter to set a title.

    Basically im going to make this relatively short and sweet. With the new dishonored 2 trailers there's clearly alot of new information posted out there for the media to use. With that and the new trailers today, we clearly have strong indications of who's playing what roll in the game and what characters are going to appear. In both the trailer and collector's edition of the game, we can clearly see Delilah Copperspoon appear twice and also have a poster about her that claims she is now the empress of dunwall.

    Character pages like Corvo's don't feature any of his history for some reason, rather than listing out short summaries on the page of his missions/backstory. His e…

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  • Doctor Void




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  • Doctor Void

    At last, we get a small glimpse at what the upcoming Dishonored comics is going to look like, and it's EPIC!

    see for yourself:

    All of this hype is getting harder to control with each day that passes :> !

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  • Blood Ox

    Things To Do

    June 10, 2016 by Blood Ox

    This blog is meant to be a way for editors to share things that they would like to have done. Comment with your requests, and others can offer their time and expertise. A request can be anything from finding something in-game, to improving part of the wiki, to creating a piece of media.

    I will update this blog to add requests taken from the comments, and to keep track of their status.

    • PikovajaDama: Can someone check on what exactly is meant by disabling security devices? Like, do only arc pylons and walls of light count, or alarms as well? I've always taken this as "pull out five whale oil tanks from Walls of Light or Arc Pylons" but I never tried this. Lights Out#comm-56656

    • Mice Overseer: Can someone check if it's spelled Brambley Street or Bra…

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  • PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody!

    I've had several discussions on chat during the last few days on how to handle certain trivia entries. The matter at hand leading up to this discussion was one user stating in trivia section of the Caulkenny page that the name resembles the  real Irish city Kilkenny, and another user removing it as speculation, while at the same time on the Morley page we have that very same resemblance stated in the trivia section (among other statements in the same manner) and it has sat there untouched for quite a bit.

    We have no sources added that those parallels (that do exist, if you look at them - the Caulkenny -> Kilkenny part for example is pretty obvious IMO)  were intentional by the devs, so technically that is speculation, right?…

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  • CodeFireblaze

    My AFKness

    May 27, 2016 by CodeFireblaze

    You guys might be wondering: there's code?

    Answer is: My PC Broke. In fact, I'm using a Tablet to write this

    I'll Try to keep editing on Tablet, but no guarantees. 


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  • DrTeatime

    Bethesda has announced that we will be getting four comics and three novels set in the Dishonored universe.

    The comics and the first novel will be set in the time between the two games and are slated to be released before Dishonored 2's launch.

    I'm looking forward to the comics and cautiously optimistic about the books. I have yet to read a good video game tie-in novel but hopefully there's a first time for everything.

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  • S.B.combo
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  • Pauolo

    This blog will have for purpose to summarize all new info on Dishonored 2 revealed pre-release, mostly coming from Game Informer's coverage of the game from May to June. Considering the frail reliability of game coverage in general, none of this info will be added on the wiki yet, at least until the release in November.

    Be warned there will be spoilers for those who want discover the game by themselves.

    The game starts at Dunwall in 1852, 15 years after the events of Dishonored. A coup removes Emily Kaldwin from the throne of the Empire of the Isles. Either Emily or Corvo Attano gets to escape and rides to Karnaca aboard the Dreadful Whale with Anton Sokolov, to eliminate those responsible and restore Emily on the throne. The boat, a whale oil-po…

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  • Mice Overseer

    Worst missions

    May 9, 2016 by Mice Overseer

    Bah! I've had enough of all this... this... positivity and excitement surrounding the release of Dishonored 2! We need more negativity around here! So without further ado, what in your opinion is the worst' mission(s) in the entirety of Dishonored and its DLCs? They don't even have to be bad, just least good.

    For me, the clear choice has to be The Dead Eels. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something about this mission always makes it feel really flat and... well... boring to play through. Drapers Ward just lacks any kind of atmosphere or tension, and it's hard to shake the sense that I'm just methodically collecting a bunch of resources lying around a big, empty level.

    What also hurts it is the lack of a centrepiece to revolve around…

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  • Mice Overseer

    So, going by these three notes, there is not a consistent format for documents whose content varies depending on the player's actions.

    Since we have no idea how many of these things we might have to deal with in Dishonored 2, I would like to propose that we sort this out now, as it's one less thing to fight over in the postrelease chaos. Personally, I think the best option is something like The Knife of Dunwall, A Survivor's Tale,  but with the explanation of the brackets moved to the top of the transcript. For example:

    If [character] does [action 1], the first set of brackets is present.                                                                                           If [character] does [action 2], the second set of brackets is pre…

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  • MDGeistMD02

    So with the new pics coming out for the cover of Game Informer magazine, I decided to give a looksee. I was impressed by the style, though I think Corvo is a bit thin in his pic.

    Once I saw them, a couple things came to mind, and of course I began speculating about this and that. Rather than draw out conversations in the comments section of each page, or discuss stuff on the chat where it's hard to keep a record of what was said, I decided to write this here blog up to discuss what I think about the new covers/artwork and my thoughts about them.

    Anyway, onto the speculating!

    First we'll start with the Emily one since it seems to be the easier to talk about:

    The newer versions of the Clockwork Soldiers seem to be going ahead. I really like the …

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  • DrTeatime

    Here's the article . More info on May 7, or today in Game Informers digital edition. They also confirmed that we will get to see gameplay at this years E3.

    This has me quite excited again, we finally got to hear something new!

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  • CodeFireblaze

    My Rename

    April 28, 2016 by CodeFireblaze

    As you guys might've noticed, I renamed my account. I thought that having my Twitter name as my Wikiname is a better idea. also ZeusGamer101 is kinda dumb, and since no-one here(except for MDGeist) uses Xbl, I don't see the point of having my wikiname as my gamertag.

    You guys can still call me Zeus, if you'd like.

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  • CodeFireblaze

    Chat Commands

    April 27, 2016 by CodeFireblaze

    What would you guys think if Someone implemented chat commands on the DWC? (Ex: /help,/status,etc.)

    Just a random question.

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  • CodeFireblaze

    Quick questions

    April 12, 2016 by CodeFireblaze
    1. Does anybody know Daud's surname?
    2. What does the Void Walker Arsenal do? (I mean, you could play with Daud in the other Dlcs, but not sure here.)
    3. What if Emily shares the Magic bond with Corvo? (Like Daud and the whalers?)
    4. How did the overseers temporarily took over daud's base, if they can barely get through a group of whalers in the flooded district?
    5. Does anybody know what happened between Martin and Pendleton? they were fighting during the last mission.
    6. What happens if you don't pick up your weapons at the flooded district? i've couldn't find it at the wikia.
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  • CodeFireblaze

    Chaos system

    April 9, 2016 by CodeFireblaze

    Guys, let's think about the chaos system.

    If you're an action player, who just goes out guns blazing, you'll probably get the High chaos game.

    If you're a so-so player, who just kills if noticed or endangered, you'll get the Medium chaos game.

    If you're a stealthy and sneaky player, who runs away at every chance he has, you'll probably get the low chaos game.

    Now let's think about it, the game is rewarding you for every choice you do!

    if you like to KILL PEOPLE (like me), the game will just give you more people to kill.

    The medium chaos game is just more-less combination of both.

    However, if you like to avoid people, the game will just make that easier for you, by putting less people!

    Anyways, just wanted to have a quick discussion about this.

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  • CodeFireblaze


    April 7, 2016 by CodeFireblaze

    Hello everybody!

    I'm here just for a quick update.

    1st, I'm planning to create a brazilan variant of this wikia, but I'll need someone to help with the programming, sooo...yeah.

    2nd, If I can (and essie allows)  I'll try to post a "Fanfic" about Piero and Havelock tomorrow. yes, it is that "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" kind of fanfic.

    3rd, I'll try to create a "Plans for the week" on my main page.

    4th. yep. I think that's it it. WAIT! one last thing.

    I'm pretty sure it's Gristolian. (that's a reference SOMEONE will understand xD)

    Leave your suggestion in the comments. (idk how to make a poal.)

    Sorry guys, couldn't make the wikia this weekend T:

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  • CodeFireblaze

    Chat Rules

    April 5, 2016 by CodeFireblaze

    Hello, Everybody!

    So here I am to talk about chat Rules and manual.

    The chat is a cool place where we get to know each other better, and chat about random things (related or not to dishonored)

    But seriously, I think we should set some ground rules.

    -No racism.

    -No Spam.

    -No Discrimination. 

    -No "Excessive" Sex Appeal. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Sorry.)

    -Slang is allowed, but please don't abuse it. 

    -No calling someone else names in a harassing way.

    Please be respectful. I think this should be some basic rules for the Chat. I'll edit it across the time. Thanks for taking your time and reading this (And sorry because of the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Joke. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ).  

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