• X-Machinist-X

    Haven't played Dishonored since I jumped onto We Happy Few back in 2016 with my potato pc and followed the game for 4 years straight.
    Managed to get both Death of the Outsider and D2 only "recently" (respectively summer 2019 and last month) and I must admit I forgot how entertaining Dishonored 1 was (and challenging with higher difficulty).
    Actually replaying D2 for the third time on "New Game +" after replaying the first game to follow the story. I absolutely love how the game looks in terms of graphics (even if I get some visual glitch), character design and, more important, mechanics and the introduction of non lethal takedowns during the fight.
    Still, how's anyone here?

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  • XchW

    The purpose of this blog is to list all documents that can be found ingame (By mission, location, and type) and to be a guide for anyone wanting to do a playthrough without missing any crucial or otherwise interesting scriptures. Barring a few exceptions, only the first appearance of a duplicate document is listed. You won't find "Bonecharms" listed under Dishonored 2, since that particular book is found in the first game, for instance.

    European floor numbering is used.

    Work in progress.

    Note: Anonymous message

    Interrogation room
    Note: Duty Officer's Report (Desk)
    Audiograph: Interrogation of the Royal Protector ^
    Book: The Trials of Aptitude (Back room shelf)

    Dunwall Sewers
    Note: Note From a Friend (Pinned on crate after first door)
    Book: Damien's …

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  • CindyTheNetic

    I've noticed during my many high chaos runs that Emily Kaldwin draws more clearly.

    Even tho they might look more "creepy" but they are more pretty.

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  • Faramiir

    Area km² Area mi²

    Gristol 392,860 213,862

    Tyvia 278,910 107,688

    Serkonos 155,007 44,404

    Morley 102,684 39,647

    Empire 1,050,502 405,601

    These were calculated by using the in game texture of . 

    I did that by maping the ingame texture on a globe (overlaying it in Google Earth) and measuring the North-South distance of the Isles. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole North-South span of the isles fit perfectly between 20 degrees of latitude - the 58° latitude line passes right along the northern coast of Tyvia (near Samara), and at the southernmost point of Serkonos (near Karnaca) is the 38° latitude line.

    I traced the lines onto the Map of the Empire using the "degrees" along the border of the image as a guide.

    So for the math:

    The real world distanc…

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  • Mythmage13

    Made-Up Ability: Isolate

    October 10, 2017 by Mythmage13

    Part of the inspiration for this ability came from Blood-Ox's made-up ability: Erase.

    Isolate is an ability that comes from a changed version of the Timepiece, which gives the user the ability to isolate enemies and objects in time, as if under the effects of stop time. While this is happening, a portion of the user's energy is drained, the more enemies or objects, the quicker it drains. The area of effect turns gray and flickers, like on of the Hollows, but less violently.

    This ablitly wasn't designed for any of the games, but for my fanfiction piece. Any critism/comments/etc. is/are welcome.

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  • Mythmage13

    This is mainly just for my Fanfiction piece that I'm writing, but an idea I had for an ability is Imitate. This only works if you're around other people who have supernatural abilities, but my idea is that you can imitate an ability, if you use Imitate while someone is using their abiltiy. For example, if you used Imitate when Emily was to use Domino, for example, you would be able to use Domino as well. However, you can only Imitate up to three things at once, one normal Supernatural Ability, one passive Supernatural Ability, and one Bonecharm that is active. This wouldn't be practical in-game, however, I think it's pretty cool for a fanfiction piece.

    And the upgrades would be more Abilities that you can store, or something like that. If y…

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  • Smoke3723

    The earliest map of the entire city of Dunwall that we see is the map published during the reign of Lord Regent Hiram Burrows. Since it bears the Lord Regent's livery it must have been published in 1837, although the survey work was probably completed before that. Most importantly, it provides us with some dimensions and statistical information about the Imperial capital.

    In the real world, the 'City Of London' is no more than a square mile in size. This is because what we commonly call 'London' is actually multiple town and county councils within a single contiguous urban area. I imagine something similar is at work in The Isles: Dunwall is a single large urban area, but the Lord Regent's map of 1837 probably only displays 'Greater Dun…

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  • Stormwell

    Gonna be a while before I start the second RP campaign, but one idea I've had is a slight retcon.

    Going to make the Runners part of the City Watch, badged as Watch Inspector but otherwise doing more or less the same job. Will mean greater interaction with the rest of the Watch who may see the Runners as bothersome upstarts.

    The change could be explained in relation to the Runners' success during the first campaign.

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  • Aequanimus3

    Just a little question.

    September 2, 2017 by Aequanimus3

    Do you think the new book, The Return of Daud will take before Death of the Outsider or after? What do you think?

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  • WarfareOverseers
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  • The man with no plan 24

    Hello. my name is plan, and this is my new weekly blog! it's mostly me and you guys speculating on stuff and a place to put my ideas for "improvements" for the wiki.

    so this week we will be discussing if the owners of the outsiders mark lose their powers if its taken away. or if its just hidden away inside them.

    this is inspired by Corvo's dialog "the void, it was still there all along." so, its implied by this piece of speech that it never leaves. but i disagree, i think that the power was GONE! but it was returned to him by the outsider. my evidence is the fact that he did not keep his upgrades he had in the last game. i suppose its possible he forgot it or the outsider just did it to make it more interesting. but the ladder seems unlikel…

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  • The man with no plan 24

    Hello. as some of you know (but i'm sure very few of you care.) i have been gone for a few months. and would like to give my thanks to some of the kind people on this wiki who helped me out.

    First, i give my thanks to Blood ox. who assisted me in editing,  and taught me the in's and outs of it, and has givin me very good advice about my fanfics, and has just been a cool guy.

    Second, i give thanks to our lovely admin piko, who has took hours away of her time talking about music and dishonored with me. and she is one of nicest people i know here on this wiki. plus owls are adorable and cool.

    Third, i say thanks to another admin, Geist. who has giving me tips for my fanfics. and is honestly one of the coolest people i have spoken to. he does ram…

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  • Metworst

    Minor Characters

    February 24, 2017 by Metworst

    At the time of writing, there a large number of minor characters, in both Dishonored and Dishonored 2, that do not have pages on this wiki. This is a list of the pageless minor characters that I have come across, so if anyone has the time and inclination to create pages, please go ahead. If anyone comes across characters not on this page and without a page of their own, please leave that in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

    Note that most of these are dead people, which we didn't really create pages for until Dishonored 2, which is why they have not been made.

    Author of Arthur's Note. His body can be found at the Wrenhaven River end of John Clavering Boulevard during the mission High Overseer Campbell.

    Damian and Amanda
    The character…

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  • Essie Essex

    Twitter References

    February 17, 2017 by Essie Essex

    Hey everyone, I know I haven't been here in a while, but I was wondering if you all would mind me adding a point to the Reference of Style that when we link to Twitter to use as a reference, we also take a screenshot of the tweet and upload it to the wiki. That way there won't be as many problems when Harvey Smith deletes any of the tweets we linked to - especially because I just found out that he deletes his old tweets after a certain time, and he just deleted a good 64k of them.

    Or, just change the policy from now on, and we link to the image and put the link to the tweet on the image's info page.

    I just don't want to keep losing references, since we just lost the tweet confirming that Curnow had a male lover, and we've probably lost more. …

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  • Pauolo

    The purpose of this blog page is to list any Bonecharm, books and written note that we may have missed in Dishonored 2. While I found them in the game's text files with their respective description/transcript, it would be best if anyone can confirm their appearance in the game before adding them to the wiki.

    Feel free to write down in the comments if you found any of the following items.

    EDIT: I'm assuming the remaining items on these lists are not implemented in-game, so I'll use the page to show their transcripts instead.

    • Confusion - Stinging Bolt effect lasts slightly longer.
    • Leviathan's Gift - Sometimes Bonecharm Crafting consumes no raw whalebone.
    • Muscle Memory - Slightly faster assassinations.
    • Savage Scream - Sometimes a Nest Keeper’s scream…

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  • 8-Bit Jack

    Harvey's Tweets

    February 2, 2017 by 8-Bit Jack

    So, as most us already know, the links to harvey smith's tweets with our Dishonored questions are broken.

    This is because they, along with the rest of his tweets, have been deleted. He's said that moving back to the states after completing D2 feels like "a new chapter" and wants a blank tweeting slate (no, he has not left Arkane)

    I told him we didnt have screengrabs for some of the tweets, and he very kindly said he could issue another statement on those items

    please help me make a list of the important stuff we need confirmed here

    We dont need additional confirmation for anything we HAVE images of, or that have been confirmed in-media. 

    UPDATE: The List So Far

    • The Shadow on Bitterleaf being about seamstress-themed murders. Essie's part of the c…

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  • Atypicalgamergirl


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  • Atypicalgamergirl


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  • Atypicalgamergirl


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  • The Dark-Eyed One
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  • Pinkachu
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  • Atypicalgamergirl


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  • The Flaming Pybro

    So, this is a semi-often mentioned thing, at least in Dishonored 1. Presumably, this is the hand a Whaler uses for a certain activity making it die like a foot in a trench, considering it is actually reffered to as a cold thing. It does make me wonder though, which hand would this be, and what do they do with it, or is this some inside joke I'm not getting?

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  • Harbour29

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2016 by Harbour29

    It's 2017 here~

    Happy new year~

    hope everyone has a wonderful day today. 

    and in new year, I'm glad to continue contributing to dishonord wiki~

    0.07am, 1st Jan. 2017 in Melbourne

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  • WarfareOverseers

    Greetings and salutations all, my name Is Amon and recently I have grown a certain fondness for theories regarding the Dishonored universe so I have created this page for likeminded indivisuals to post theories that they have come up with dont be shy or afraid to contribute I accept al theories.


    1.The theory must have atleast one thing that can possibly point to it being true.

    2. It cannot be something obvious. Ex: " I believe that Grim Alex is the crown killer"

    3. Be respectful of others theories no matter how unusual it may be.

    4. Have fun because thats what this blog page is for.

    This Blog will be edited in the future so please stop on by and share yout theories.

    -Overseer Amon 

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  • The Flaming Pybro

    The Jindosh Lock

    December 30, 2016 by The Flaming Pybro

    Nobody else find it suspicious that such a simple thing, really, had never been figured out by anyone, considering anyone interested has had over 3 years to figure it out? You'd think they'd have just brute forced it with every possible combination, huh...

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  • The Dark-Eyed One
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  • The Dark-Eyed One
    • Investigate the circumstances and prerequisites surrounding Mindy Blanchard's appearance in Dust District.
    • Investigate any differences in Paolo in The Clockwork Mansion and The Dust District if Mindy is killed in Edge of the World.
    • Investigate whether or not the silvergraph of the Dreadful Wale appears if the silvergrapher is killed. (Confirmed - still appears)
    • Further investigate safe combinations and whether or not all are random in nature.
    • Investigate whether or not a Domino's transmitted effects apply to linked enemies while the effects are being transmitted. (Inconclusive - Probably does not)
    • Collect gifs of each major character's unique assassination animations (Ramsey, Jindosh, Ashworth, Paolo, Byrne, Abele, & Copperspoon done)
    • Investigat…
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  • The man with no plan 24

    wstft chpt 4!

    December 15, 2016 by The man with no plan 24

    Hello! im back! read!

    "oxs are cool"

    My vision went in and out as i was carried by the man named ox, and followed  by the 19 year old girl who i assumed was once a aristocrat . "so whats your name little buddy?" " one dont call me  little buddy and two my name is michale."

    he nodded his head " how about you lass" he looked at her curiously "why sould i tell you!?" she said smugley.

    he laughed "suit youself" he kept  pulling me along " here we are" i looked at a few peices of wood, "yes its....lovely"       

    "thats not it" he lifted the wood to reaveal a large room with plenty of weapons a few beds and a pantry full of food.

    "fuck the void yes" trying to escape from his grasp to get to the food. " woah woah there will be time for that but we need…

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  • Kantraah


    December 12, 2016 by Kantraah
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  • The man with no plan 24

    wstwft chpt 3

    November 30, 2016 by The man with no plan 24

    hello! thanks to our admin piko the fic is back! and it will stay unless 8-bit tells me to stop! enjoy!

    I ran through the alley screaming bloody murder in my head as hounds and watch chased me around through the alley.  i jumped under a carraige and laid there praying to the abbey a guard did not find me, "where did he go!?!?!" a officer    screamed with a glint in his  eye of a man who wanted a promtion.  a lower watch guards who had been with him rubbed   his eyes and said groggily   "i dont know(yawn)" "fine lets get out of here" they sheathed there weapons and walked back down the alley.  as soon as they were out of sight i made a break for it down another alley.   

    i spent the night in the alley sleeping in a dumbster, it was comfy enou…

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  • PikovajaDama

    Emily's Silver Ring

    November 26, 2016 by PikovajaDama

    Okay, so I got that ring from Bethesda (only to find out by looking up the link for it that it is on sale right now -.-), and the package arrived yesterday. I had promised a few pics, so here they come:

    I was unsure about the size, so it is a bit wide now. :( To safely wear it I'd need to put it on my index finger.

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  • TheCrabShack

    Work in Progress...

    Images missing:

    • Royal Conservatory, Great Owl.
    • Launching the ISS Jessamine Kaldwin.
    • Apartment in Karnaca, Midday.
    • Dunwall Docks, Ship Launch Preparation.
    • Dreams of the Void.

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  • The man with no plan 24

    WSTTF chpt 2!

    November 19, 2016 by The man with no plan 24

    "What do you mean im corrupt overseer michale?" the high overseer said with anger hideing in the features of his face.    i turned my head to look at two overseers standing behind me, " i mean that your are doing evil things," i said trying to show no fear in my voice, it was harder then i thought.    He stood up from his desk with a smirk "and what would these "  evil things" be,"   he motioned to the two overseers shore and victor who stood about 12 feet behind me to move forward .  I steped forward to cambell's desk with my hand firmly on my sabre,     "sir you have viloated the scripteres  of    the wanted flesh and lying toungue."   he took a few steps towards me  "is that right overseer michale," he was right in my face now    "i am …

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  • The man with no plan 24

    WSTTF cpt 2!

    November 18, 2016 by The man with no plan 24
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  • Lady Venomania

    His parents were older at the time of his birth, and his father died in a lumber accident outside the city when Corvo was still young.  Around that time, his only sibling, a first-born sister, moved away to Morley and the family subsequently lost all contact with her.

    Only 16, Corvo dazzled the people of Karnaca when he entered and won the annual Blade Verbena.  The spectators, from all over Serkonos, were thrilled to see someone so young and striking, from a working class family, advance through duel after duel, eventually taking the prize.  This unexpected outcome secured Corvo a junior officer ranking in the Grand Serkonan Guard.

    As a soldier, he was involved in a number of conflicts against organized criminal groups, rogue city states wi…

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  • Pseudohands

    Here you go, Crab. c:


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  • Knakveey

    Dishonored 2 Assets

    November 17, 2016 by Knakveey

    Hi Everyone,

    Recently I asked you for some suggestions for what official Asset's you'd like from Arkane/Bethesda.

    Some of the images are pretty large and will not be permissible to be uploaded to the wiki (10 MB) filesize limit.

    Here is a link to the Assets folder. Hope you like them -- hopefully we'll have more to come!

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  • PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody!

    With Dishonored 2 out by now, an issue ensues which I would like to address: how do we deal with two protagonists on the wiki pages, especially on mission pages?

    From what I see, we've mostly used "Corvo or Emily" so far, which is fine, but can also be kinda tiresome if it needs to be kept up over the course of a longer text.

    My suggestion would be that we use "Corvo or Emily" in the introductory paragraph, but switch to "the protagonist" later on. Mission notes or usage tips specifically for one of the two characters will still use the name, of course.


    - Piko

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  • The man with no plan 24

    Hello! i have decided to turn my  we stand together we fall together rp into a fanfic! it will follow the same story as the rp was going to. so i hope you enjoy the first chapter of wstft.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           "My name is overseer michale ,  or it was before i was kicked out from the abby of the everyman.  i was a great overseer when i was one.   i looked for witchs  and  heretics and killed them with ease.  but after a while i saw the veil of evil and corruption in the abby.  then i did something v…

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  • The man with no plan23

    Hello. im new to the wiki but since ive figured i have nothing better to do i will be starting this rp!   any one can join just leave your requst to on my message wall along with your charecter name, backstory, and some stats.just the simple stuff like Strength. intelligence . willpower and agilty.  now for a  summery of my story. its been two months since the death of the empress. a cast out  overseer(my charecter)  has been trying to get by in the mean streets of dunwall. but after breaking into the house of lady boyel for some food. he finds the biggest secret in dunwall. the truth behind the death of the empress! he will try to show the people the truth  and let corvo free! but something goes wrong and along the way he will encounter s…

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  • Stormwell

    Only when the Roseburrow processing treatment was discovered did the whaling trade begin to rise in prominence, driven by the many new uses for the much more volatile refined whale oil, including military and security application. Early into Empress Jessamine Kaldwin's brief reign, the well-known inventor and natural philosopher Anton Sokolov introduced a series of devices that would see deployment across Dunwall, directed by the Royal Spymaster, Hiram Burrows.

    -Slaughterhouse Row

    A recent spike in pickpocketers is plaguing the streets of Dunwall, though they only seem to be going after pocket watches. Prawnbrokers have reported that a greater number of watches being brought in, though strangely most of them have been missing their gears. Al…

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  • Harbour29

    It's definitely worth to buy, expecially for the ring. Don't think we can get it from somewhere else. For the mask, it's too smally to wear. Probably designed for 10 years old kids. >_<

    All pictures express my feelings about dishonored 2 collectors edition, I think. 

    Really, too much to say. So, let's see photos below. :)…

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  • The Dark-Eyed One

    Glancing first at Steam reviews, my thoughts on the matter are mixed. From what is to be understood, the game itself is shaping up exactly as we all hoped it would be, with smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, and an enrapturing storyline. That being said, Dishonored 2 is widely seen as yet another game critically afflicted by consolitis, the condition of a PC game being a horribly optimized port of the base console-optimized version, with many technical grievances present in the current pre-release. As this is a game published by Bethesda, such is somewhat unsurprising, and I am hopeful that an optimization patch is forthcoming sooner rather than later. That being said, whole years of tolerating awful game performance on a mediocre PC mean…

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  • Stormwell

    A late entry into the Empire, the Morley Insurrection is still a sore point for many natives, and independence is a proud character trait among the people. A late entry into the Empire, the Morley Insurrection is still a sore point for many natives, and independence is a proud character trait among the people.

    -The Isle of Morley

    Having arrested Lilika and brought her back to Dunwall for imprisonment in Coldridge Prison, the Runners report in to Magistrate Cathmore about their excursion to the countryside. Cathmore will inform the Runners that the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin has personally requested that the Runners provide close protection of a diplomat visiting from Morley, citing the Runners' previous run-in with the Alban Brotherhood. The B…

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  • Metworst

    After preordering it months ago, I have recently acquired my copy of the Dishonored 2 Collector's Edition, and have decided to share my thoughts on it with all you out there who might not have purchased it.

    Just as terrifying as Corvo's Mask is in Dishonored, this has got to be the main motivation behind my purchase of this pack, as opposed to just buying the game.  Standing 34.6 cm tall when fully assembled (an easy task to do thanks to the included instructions), it goes to show just how much detail has been put into the design of things in the game.  Similar to the original mask, but with the new jagged surface instead of the smooth skull we had before, I'm already falling in love with the new mask, a design change I was previously apprehe…

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  • PikovajaDama

    Dishonored 2 Spoilers

    November 9, 2016 by PikovajaDama

    Hello everyone!

    At the eve of the Dishonored 2' s release, I'd like to address an important issue: Spoilers.

    Some will for sure play through the game quicker than others, may it be out of obsession or simply for the fact that some people have more free time than others. And of course those people are eager to add the info they find out to the wiki right away. It is understandable and I am well aware that we cannot lock up the wiki until everyone has finished the game, and such is not my intention. The info should and will be added.

    However, I hereby ask each of you to try and be fair to other users who have not finished the game and want to find out for themselves.

    • Adding new pages for missions or characters that are potentially spoilery will …
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  • Knakveey

    When the original Dishonored debuted in 2012, fans immediately gravitated toward the sheer amount of choice and freedom the game gave its players. Through its combination of unique character powers and brilliant level design, there were an almost infinite number of ways to approach each situation.

    Dishonored 2 follows in the tradition of its predecessor, but adds a second playable character, Emily Kaldwin, with her own set of powers to add even more variety and choice to the mix. The number of ways to approach a level can almost be overwhelming at times. Luckily, we’re here to help.

    The handy infographic below offers three suggested character builds for both Emily and Corvo. It details the supernatural abilities you should equip for each one, a…

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  • Mice Overseer

    So Bethesda have very kindly offered to send us some OFFICIAL material for use on the wiki if we ask for it. However, the deadline for this is a VERY short time away - about 12-24 hours after the creation of this blog - so please leave your requests here for the admins to compile into an item-by-item list. Thank you!

    Let's kick things off:

    • High-resolution versions of in-game posters and advertisements. (Dishonored 1 & 2)
    • High-resolution versions of maps - both collectible and readable. (Dishonored 1 & 2)
    • High-resolution versions of in-game paintings. (Dishonored 1 & 2)
    • High-resolution versions of concept art. (All Dishonored media)
    • Transcripts of in-game texts.
    • Transcripts of audiographs and other in-game recordings. (Dishonored 2)
      • If at all possi…
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  • Blood Ox

    AMA with Harvey Smith!

    November 3, 2016 by Blood Ox

    About one hour from now, Harvey Smith will be doing an AMA for 2 hours on Reddit. AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything", and it's a type of Reddit thread where one person, or a group of people, answers anyone's questions about what they do.

    I will update this blog with a link to the thread once it's submitted. UPDATE:

    If you want to ask Harvey any questions, I would suggest you prepare a Reddit account (it takes like two minutes to make one) and wait for the thread. If you have questions, but won't be asking them yourself for whatever reason, I can ask them fo…

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