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CorvoAttanoFan CorvoAttanoFan 23 November 2021


Hey everyone. Anyone have any questions about Dishonored? I could possibly answer them. Come to my page and post your questions on my wall, and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 8 November 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in High Overseer Campbell

  • At the beginning of the mission, if you talk to Lydia, she will tell you that someone knocked on the door of the Hounds Pit Pub a few days ago which gave everyone a scare. Talking to Cecelia reveals that she did it as a joke.
  • The rats you summoned don't attack Granny Rag and instead just stand around.
  • There are few interesting details regarding the epitaphs and urns in the Office of the High Overseer:
    • High Overseer Tynan Wallace was the only one who did not die a painful or terrible death.
    • Benjamin Holger is said to be killed by a knife driven through his eye during the Siege of White Cliff. One of the eyes of the Benjamin Holger bust in front of Campbell's secret chamber is replaced by a gem, referring to that fact.
    • High Overseer Francis Perry…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 5 November 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in Returning Home & Dishonored

  • Before entering the water lock, if you look to the right, you can see a few rats riding on some floating planks.
  • The Burrow Lighthouse on Kingsparrow Island can be seen from Dunwall Tower. This is a dev oversight since according to this book, the construction of the lighthouse wouldn't start until after Jessamine Kaldwin's death.
  • This rather unique-looking dead white tree is a possible reference to the White Tree of Gondor which can be found in front of the White Tower of Ecthelion in The Lord of the Rings. Dunwall Tower is also internally called "White Tower" (here and here).
  • By now, most people already knew that taking the cider would change the portrait of High Overseer Campbell, but did you know that if you stand in front of Campbell for a…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 4 November 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Tales from Dunwall

  • This shot shows a harbor full of pre-industrialization, pre-whale-oil ships.
  • In this scene, Sokolov can been seen proposing to Esmond Roseburrow a new Whaling Trawler design which features mounted speargun, oil-powered hook rigging system, and even cannons with whale-oil-powered explosives for ammunition. The cannons didn't seem to make it to the final design of the trawlers as seen in the games.
    • According to the Dishonored Roleplaying Game rulebook, the flagship of Bundry Rothwild's whaling fleet, the Bundry Best, is a combination of trawler and warship. This ship was possibly built with Sokolov's original design. After all, Sokolov and Rothwild seemed to have a close professional relationship.
  • This is the only time in the franchise that rifl…
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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 3 November 2021

Details You Might Have Missed Across Dishonored

  • Across the game, there are multiple bridges that have been destroyed with only the piers remained. Most people would think that this was due to neglect and decay caused by the rat plague, but at that point, the plague has been going on for only 2 years. That's simply not enough time for the complete destruction of almost all the bridges across the Wrenhaven. A more probable explanation is all the old stone bridges were destroyed to allow passage for the new whaling trawlers. Kaldwin's Bridge is the only bridge left, which can be raised to let ships pass through. [Credit: Khazzadumm, Pauolo]
  • In certain missions, if you jump into the water near Samuel, he'll say "Isn't it a bit cold for a bath?" or "Corvo, are you ok? Mind the hagfishes".
  • The pla…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 15 October 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in A Hole in the World

  • The title of this mission, "A Hole in the World", is a phrase mentioned in the franchise a few times. This refers to portals or Void Rifts that allow people from the physical realm to enter the Void. In chapter 8 of the novel Dishonored: The Veiled Terror, the void rift inside Professor Dribner's lab is directly called "this hole in the world". In The Tales from Dunwall, Piero Joplin kept dreaming about the Lonely Rat Boy but one day, "the boy was gone, and there is a hole in the world", and Piero appeared to enter the Void. In Dishonored, Granny Rags also scribbled this phrase on the floor of her old apartment.
  • It's revealed in this note that the Pendleton mines have been closed by this time, likely because they have dried out as suggested in D…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 8 October 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Bank Job

  • On top of the tall building, across Eolina Rey's apartment, there is a chest with a bonecharm, some ammunition, and some gadgets inside. If you look inside the crate and turn around, an Eyeless will be standing at the middle of the rooftop and start attacking you. There is also a wanted poster of Billie in the chest, suggesting this is an ambush.
  • If you didn't kill any Eyeless in the Spector Club (knocking them out is ok), the club is still open in this mission. Even if Billie was caught assaulting the members of the club, they won't recognize her.
  • In the offices of Dolores Michaels, Ivan Jacobi, Shan Yun, there are these devices (called Curious Contraption in the game) that containing pieces of rock inside. These are likely Void rocks aka V…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 7 October 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Stolen Archive

  • In the room adjacent to the black market, there is a brush, a palette, and a severed left ear. This could be a reference to Vincent Van Gogh, who is said to cut off his own left ear. [Credit: u/adamsmith9312]
  • In the basement of the Royal Conservatory, you can find a note, detailing the possessions of a witch. Among them was a waxwork doll, fashioned to look like Kirin Jindosh, and it had been struck with several hairpins in the neck, head and groin. These are the same body parts that were attacked when the protagonist assassinated Jindosh. [Credit: Капитан Майк Фоули]
  • Markings similar the plague marks in Dishonoed, are found throughout the Conservatory.
  • Since the witches lost their powers, this one had to use pistol to defend herself.
  • Oracular …
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TheCrabShack TheCrabShack 5 October 2021

Dishonored // Mission Clues

  • 1 Returning Home (intro)
  • 2 Dishonored
  • 3 High Overseer Campbell
  • 4 House of Pleasure
  • 5 The Royal Physician
  • 6 Lady Boyle's Last Party
  • 7 Return to the Tower
  • 8 The Flooded District
  • 9 The Loyalists
  • 10 The Light at the End

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 30 September 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in Death to the Empress

  • By this time, most people have fled from Tower District. If you look at Dunwall from the Dreadful Wale, you can see there is no light coming from buildings in Tower District, but there are lights in Estate District (where the Parliament, Clocktower, and Boyle Mansion are).
  • It's revealed in this mission that the damaged apartment (now on the verge of collapsing) belongs to a certain Fenella Reid, an employee of the Boyle Company. She asked the company for an allowance in order to repair her apartment but was denied, due to the death of Ichabod Boyle and unrest in Dunwall. Desperate for a way out, she gave away the key to the company's warehouse to a group of people, in exchange for passage to Driscol. These people used the warehouse to setup…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 29 September 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Grand Palace

  • If Paolo has been killed previously, his wanted posters will be marked with red Xs. Same goes for Mindy Blanchard's.
  • There is a Howler named Allison who ambushes you along with other Howlers if you have robbed more than one black markets. But if you have robbed less than one black market so far, she can be seen lounging in a nearby alley, and in high chaos, will tell another Howler that she helped out and befriended an old lady. This lady invited Allison into her apartment and cook for her once a week. This apartment is actually in a nearby building and you can steal the key from Allison. Allison also hinted at stealing from the old lady later on.
  • According to Harvey Smith, Luca Abele ordered a thousand-year old umberwood tree in front of th…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 28 September 2021

Details You Might Have Missed Across Death of the Outsider

  • Shooting or hitting the bell on the Dreadful Wale's bridge will make it fall off, showing the disrepair state of the ship (this doesn't happen in Dishonored 2). After it fell, you can also kick it around like a ball, and it rings quite loudly too.
  • Billie's wanted posters change over the course of the game and do have variants based on your actions.

  • Many of the female Eyeless members were former Brigmore Witches and you can see scars on their skins where the flowers and vines used to be.
  • In The Knife of Dunwall, during the prologue of A Captain of Industry mission, Daud mentions that "Lurk was especially good at uncovering [secrets]". Arkane probably built upon this quote to develop Billie's ability to talk to the rats and find out information no…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 19 September 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in One Last Fight

  • The note Reply from 'T', found on the board on the Dreadful Wale, is actually from Thomas, in case it's not obvious enough.
  • The suppression device appears to be assembled using parts from wall of lights and the new model of music boxes.
  • Rats under the overpass next to Albarca Baths will tell Billie about a beggar, who used to live there, being taken away. The conversation between Lee and the Eyeless next to the kennel also reveals that they kidnapped a beggar, probably the same person mentioned by the rats, and used him to train the hounds. If you check the dumpster outside the bathhouse, you can actually find the beggar's body. Lee also told the Eyeless to be more careful with where he dumps the bodies next time.
  • The Eyeless talking to Jeane…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 16 September 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in Follow the Ink

  • In the dentistry, a skull with some apparatus attached to it can be found on top of a shelf. This is a reference to the Neuromod showcases found in Prey (2017), another game by Arkane Studios. [Credit: u/Kayklira]
  • On Billie's skiff at the canal, you can find this note: Thanks for the skiff, which mentions a certain "Lieutenant" Dunbar fixing the skiff. You can also find another (non-collectible) note on the skiff, which was signed by this Dunbar.
    • This is actually a reference to a real-life Royal Navy officer, Lt. Mike Dunbar, who wrote an extensive analysis of the Dreadful Wale. In his articles, he said the Dreadful Wale looks seaworthy so the note that says "Certified Seaworthy by Lt. Dunbar" is probably a nod to that.
  • There is a sunken treasur…

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AnnCrane AnnCrane 3 September 2021

Dishonored fanfiction

Dishonored have quite a lot of fanfictions. I also now want to write one too. I read MDGeistMD02 An Assassin's Tale 1: Deception and Dishonor it was interesting.

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 31 August 2021

Details You Might Have Missed Across Dishonored 2

  • On bulletin boards throughout the game, you might be able to see small graffiti that says "Kill the rats!". These date back to the days of the Rat Plague. The very same graffiti can also be seen in The Tales from Dunwall, and of course throughout Dishonored.
  • The phrase "Minted Under Imperial Authority" is stamped on all silver and gold ingots in the game. Back in Dishonored, ingots minted during Hiram Burrows rule were stamped with "Minted Under Regency Authority".
  • The icon of the pistol on the top-left corner of the screen actually shows how many bullets you have left before you have to reload.
  • A few details about the Grand Guard's uniform and equipment:
    • The equivalents of Dunwall's Lower City Watch and City Watch guards seem to be merged into …

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 7 June 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in A Crack in the Slab

  • An insane Stilton can see the Heart despite only a selected few can (Corvo/Emily, and Piero who made it). If you take the Heart out in front of him, he will recoil and tell you to put the "grotesque" thing away. This doesn't always happen though, as I have trouble reproducing this consistently. [Credit: Zevik]
  • He also seems to be aware of the Outsider, since he says: "Quiet! The one in the Void hears everything."
  • He might also mention 'the thing of bones that Ashworth made', which possibly refers to Delilah's effigy.
  • There is cameo of a woman (could it be his mother?) next to the insane Stilton. If you take it, he will get irritated and told you not to mess with his things.
  • There is a bonecharm, or what appears to be one, inside the Timepiece.
  • T…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 3 June 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Dust District

  • If you talk to Sokolov while he's walking to the skiff, he will tell you that he has 7 or 8 children around the Isle, and Corvo/Emily has done more for him than any of them did.
  • Remember the windmill mechanic that overcharge walls of light? Curiously, dust storms don't do this. This is either a dev oversight or probably because the dust storms are not as strong as Windblast.
  • Howlers posting bounties on Overseers, exchanging one bottle of Orbon Rum for an overseer mask. There are also a bunch of Overseer masks in the Crone's Hand Saloon.
  • Howlers seem to have an abundance of Orbon Rum. If you look closely at their wristbows, you can see that the battery cases are made out of Orbon Rum bottles.
  • Sebastien Mitton came up with idea of the Howler sci…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 31 May 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Royal Conservatory

  • The shopkeeper of the black market shop in this mission has some interesting background information, probably more so than all the other shopkeepers. [Credit: AnnCrane]
    • We don't know his full name, only the initials: M.V..
    • He came from a well-off family.
    • He owns or once owned a gallery and is long for the day when he can reopen it.
    • His cousin managed to steal the combination for the safe in the bloodfly-infested apartment, the same combination now being sold in his shop.
    • He encountered a few of witches and that rattled him.
  • This note probably addresses the same Rapollo who would've been pushed into a wall of light back in Edge of the World, if you didn't intervene. From the tone of the note, it probably try to warn him about the Grand Guards.
  • The…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 31 May 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Clockwork Mansion

  • Talking to Meagan at the beginning of the mission reveals that:
    • Locals often go to Jindosh's mansion to test their courage or because they are desperate for a meal. Some say that they can be heard at night, banging at the windows, calling for help.
    • Jindosh entered a clockwork soldier into the Blade Verbena and beat everyone. Corvo won this competition when he was 16.
  • There are a few interesting details in Breanna Ashworth's letter to Bonville:
    • Delilah and her circle tried to track down all guards present at the night when Delilah returned, and silence them. They paid Bonville to do the job.
    • Ashworth poisoned Bonville to tie up the loose end.
    • The guard in the letter mentioned seeing an exotic hooded figure during that night. This could be the Cro…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 27 May 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in The Good Doctor

  • There is someone's shadow in this frame. The Crown Killer's maybe?
  • You can hop back on the railcar and choose to go back to Campo Seta District, but the railcar will breakdown. The guards mentioned the engine breaking down in this note in the previous mission.
  • Addermire was a solarium for the rich, until Hypatia turned it into an institute for infectious disease that treats everyone. That's probably why wooden ramps were added to original stone staircases to make it accessible for disabled people, particularly those who suffered from mine accidents. In the screenshot, you can also see a wheelchair at the top right corner.
  • There is a guard called Valiente who was killed and mutilated by the Crown Killer. His head and left leg were missing. If …

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 24 May 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in Edge of the World

  • The protagonist travelled to Karnaca via the Grand Serkonan Canal, a man-made waterway built with money from rich Gristolian immigrants.
  • In this scene in the mission intro, 3rd man of the left is probably a young Corvo, before leaving for Dunwall.
  • If you bring Amadeo's corpse to Mindy even before she asking you to, she will say that you're "an odd one" for walking around with a corpse. [Credit: Капитан Майк Фоули]
  • Paolo's Crone's Hand Saloon was originally in Campo Seta District (1st picture), across the Overseer's outpost. It was abandoned due to either the bloodfly infestation, the close proximity to the Overseers, or some other reasons. The Howlers later took over a bar in Dust District and renamed it Crone's Hand Saloon. You can see the o…

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 22 May 2021

Details You Might Have Missed in A Long Day in Dunwall

  • Alexi Mayhew's unique uniform is a reskin of Grand Guard Officer uniform.
  • Mortimer Ramsey is a relative of Jack Ramsey, the guy who wore the huge whale mask in Lady Boyle's Last Party. [Credit: Doctor Void]
  • Flushing toilet: after 15 years since Dishonored, flushing toilets have finally been invented. You can see them in Dunwall Tower and the old chamber pots are put away in the storage area, behind Emily's secret room. Only aristocrats and rich people can seem to afford these though, as chamber pots can still be found in middle-class and working class apartments.
  • In this book, Callista wrote to Emily that Sokolov invented the modern steam-powered Whaling Trawler. In this scene in The Tales from Dunwall, a young Sokolov proposed the new whaling …

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 23 August 2020

Dishonored Alternate Ending?

Dishonored's ending is already great. It's a twist with a revenge arc that really scratches an itch for me. But I've been brainstorming about an alternate ending and I'm recording it here to get it out there. And it all starts with one thing:

Corvo rejecting the poisoned drink in low chaos.

Let me elaborate. 

Samuel plays a pivotal role in the latter third of the game, and I think he could get even more involved. He mentions to a weakened Corvo that he was forced to poison him under duress from Havelock, Martin and Pendleton. Get this: in low chaos, before Corvo steps into the pub, Samuel pulls him aside and admits what he'd been made to do. Says that after the care Corvo took in sparing as many people as possible, he couldn't let it go unsai…

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 16 August 2020


Just some things I've noticed about Daud, and my opinions on him. I really don't know what this is going to be.

-I find it very interesting that as long as you reach Daud's office unnoticed and don't let him or any of his sentries see or hear you, you can sneak up behind him and slit his throat just like any other assassination target. I just find that very unusual. He's this legendary assassin who'll hear you coming unless you're Blinking like you've got infinite Remedies, and then you get up behind him and he dies like any normal mortal. 

-Why was Daud abducted as a boy? Moreso, was it the Outsider who did it? Probably not. An assassin who was prominent in the early 19th century and saw potential in him? Your garden-variety human trafficke…

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 24 July 2020

Killing Meagan

I'm doing a high-chaos run with Emily, and when Meagan revealed who she was, I stabbed her and brought the body to Anton.

And he broke down. Whoever voice-acted him did a fantastic job in making me almost cry. My rage against Meagan was well-founded, but she didn't need to die, and I just broke a sad old man's heart, killed his only real friend. And he was working on a painting for me. A gift, that I threw back into his face with the body of his dearest companion. So I reloaded the save, choked her unconscious, left her on the deck and headed for the tower. 

I know it's a god-damned game, and I need to calm the hell down and let it go, but that really isn't sitting well with me. I wish I'd never done it.

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 22 July 2020

Analyzing Dishonored II In Contrast to Dishonored I

I'll start by saying that I find it really interesting how similar the game storylines are. The first mission sees you escaping imprisonment and fleeing Dunwall, after being dishonored. The fourth mission has you infiltrating the home of the resident genius--both even feature removing Sokolov! Your allies turn on you (or reveal their true colors) near the final mission. I just find it fascinating. 

And I'm going to say that I'm somewhat disappointed as well. Throughout the first game, I knew exactly where I was going and why. Every time. Each level was its own world, its own section of Dunwall, and it was obvious. II has got me confused about pretty much the whole plot. The Royal Conservatory felt like it was just there to pad gameplay time…

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 21 July 2020

Dishonored 2 Inital Impression

After considering it for some time, I finally bit the bullet and dropped $40 on Dishonored II. I was a little concerned because the reviews I've heard have denounced it as, while not necessarily being a bad game, not having the same magic as the original did.

And frankly, I think they're wrong.

Dishonored II doesn't have the same vibe, but it shouldn't need to. If I wanted a game that played and felt exactly like Dishonored I, I would have just kept playing Dishonored I. They're obviously two links in the same story chain, telling two separate, if related stories. Hot take: I prefer the graphics of II, because photorealism is always cool. I'm a little hit or miss on the voice acting, which kind of pulled me out of the experience, but it's no…

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 21 July 2020

Thoughts on Corvo Attano

-I always considered every special action possible in each mission to be canon, and in the case where two special actions contradict one another/both cannot be earned in one playthrough, Corvo takes the action that causes less chaos (i.e. Helping Slackjaw Defeat Granny instead of Helping Granny Cook Slackjaw.) And this is at least partially supported by Dishonored II, which reveals that Corvo canonically retrieved his gear. 

-I've mentioned this before, but just about every render I've seen of Corvo does him a disservice. From the Wanted posters and the Easy difficulty slider, it's obvious that Corvo is rather dashing; for a man of nearly forty he looks like he could be in his twenties. But the actual renders I've seen of him are rather cre…

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PhoenixInABMW PhoenixInABMW 19 July 2020

Musings on Supernatural Abilities

I find the array of abilities available to the three protagonists really interesting. Blink, for example. During Dishonored, Corvo's Blink is considerably weaker than Daud's, which makes sense; Daud's been using black magic for nearly twenty years and Corvo's had his magical abilities for literal days, even by the final mission. Emily's transversal abilities are weaker still, acting as more of a grappling hook than actual teleportation. 

Bend Time is another good point. Daud's Bend Time abilities are incredibly powerful, stopping time completely for twenty, thirty seconds, while Corvo's will stop time for about eight seconds fully upgraded. The power isn't even available for Emily to purchase. 

By 1852, Corvo's power set has caught up, yes, …

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PhoenixFlame989 PhoenixFlame989 19 July 2020

Thoughts On Corvo Attano & Related

-I always considered every special action possible in each mission to be canon, and in the case where two special actions contradict one another/both cannot be earned in one playthrough, Corvo takes the action that causes less chaos (i.e. Helping Slackjaw Defeat Granny instead of Helping Granny Cook Slackjaw.) And this is at least partially supported by Dishonored II, which reveals that Corvo canonically retrieved his gear. 

-I've mentioned this before, but just about every render I've seen of Corvo does him a disservice. From the Wanted posters and the Easy difficulty slider, it's obvious that Corvo is rather dashing; for a man of nearly forty he looks like he could be in his twenties. But the actual renders I've seen of him are rather cre…

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Pauolo Pauolo 30 May 2020

Arkane Studios celebrating their 20 years anniversary

Arkane Studios are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary. For those interested in the creators of the Dishonored series, Bethesda is publishing several articles retracing their work since their first game, Arx Fatalis. They also put a newsletter which gives you access to a short PDF artbook containing concept art of both Dishonored 2 and Prey (I'm pretty sure they can all be found in these games' respective official artbooks). More can be found on this website, including links to the Bethesda articles I mentioned:

Also, the Youtube channel NoClip recently released a long documentary on Arkane's history, including interview of its founders and developers about their experience during these 20 past years …

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Arcius Rhetus Arcius Rhetus 26 May 2020

The Untold History of Arkane - A documentary by Noclip

Noclip just released a documentary about Arkane a few hours ago: Not much new info on Dishonored itself but pretty interesting nevertheless. You can clearly see the influence their previous games have on Dishonored. Thought you guys might want to watch it.

Edit: I want to add the they will also have a documentary dedicated to Dishonored, which is going to be released around June, July.

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X-Machinist-X X-Machinist-X 3 April 2020

Back to Dishonored Series

Haven't played Dishonored since I jumped onto We Happy Few back in 2016 with my potato pc and followed the game for 4 years straight.
Managed to get both Death of the Outsider and D2 only "recently" (respectively summer 2019 and last month) and I must admit I forgot how entertaining Dishonored 1 was (and challenging with higher difficulty).
Actually replaying D2 for the third time on "New Game +" after replaying the first game to follow the story. I absolutely love how the game looks in terms of graphics (even if I get some visual glitch), character design and, more important, mechanics and the introduction of non lethal takedowns during the fight.
Still, how's anyone here?

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XchW XchW 19 July 2019

Document compilation for lore runs

The purpose of this blog is to list all documents that can be found in-game and to be a guide for anyone wanting to do a playthrough without missing any of the games' lore. Barring some exceptions only the first appearance of a duplicate document is listed. An attempt has been made to list everything in an order that makes sense from an exploration perspective.

European floor numbering is used.
Work in progress.

  • 1 Dishonored
    • 1.1 DISHONORED
  • 2 The Knife of Dunwall
    • 2.3 THE SURGE
  • 3 The Brigmore Witches
    • 3.2 A STAY OF EXECUT…

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CindyTheNetic CindyTheNetic 16 May 2018

So during High Chaos why does Emily become such a better artist?

I've noticed during my many high chaos runs that Emily Kaldwin draws more clearly.

Even tho they might look more "creepy" but they are more pretty.

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Faramiir Faramiir 7 December 2017

Determining the size of the Isles

These were calculated by using the in game texture of . 

I did that by maping the ingame texture on a globe (overlaying it in Google Earth) and measuring the North-South distance of the Isles. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole North-South span of the isles fit perfectly between 20 degrees of latitude - the 58° latitude line passes right along the northern coast of Tyvia (near Samara), and at the southernmost point of Serkonos (near Karnaca) is the 38° latitude line.

I traced the lines onto the Map of the Empire using the "degrees" along the border of the image as a guide.

So for the math:

The real world distance of 20° latitude is about 2224 km (~111.2 km for one degree at 58°-38° range), so that should the North-South span of the Isle…

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Mythmage13 Mythmage13 10 October 2017

Made-Up Ability: Isolate

Part of the inspiration for this ability came from Blood-Ox's made-up ability: Erase.

Isolate is an ability that comes from a changed version of the Timepiece, which gives the user the ability to isolate enemies and objects in time, as if under the effects of stop time. While this is happening, a portion of the user's energy is drained, the more enemies or objects, the quicker it drains. The area of effect turns gray and flickers, like on of the Hollows, but less violently.

This ablitly wasn't designed for any of the games, but for my fanfiction piece. Any critism/comments/etc. is/are welcome.

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Mythmage13 Mythmage13 6 October 2017

Made-Up Ability: Imitate

This is mainly just for my Fanfiction piece that I'm writing, but an idea I had for an ability is Imitate. This only works if you're around other people who have supernatural abilities, but my idea is that you can imitate an ability, if you use Imitate while someone is using their abiltiy. For example, if you used Imitate when Emily was to use Domino, for example, you would be able to use Domino as well. However, you can only Imitate up to three things at once, one normal Supernatural Ability, one passive Supernatural Ability, and one Bonecharm that is active. This wouldn't be practical in-game, however, I think it's pretty cool for a fanfiction piece.

And the upgrades would be more Abilities that you can store, or something like that. If y…

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Smoke3723 Smoke3723 26 September 2017

Bridges & Crossings of Dunwall

The earliest map of the entire city of Dunwall that we see is the map published during the reign of Lord Regent Hiram Burrows. Since it bears the Lord Regent's livery it must have been published in 1837, although the survey work was probably completed before that. Most importantly, it provides us with some dimensions and statistical information about the Imperial capital.

  • 1 City Of Dunwall
    • 1.1 Dunwall Dimensions
  • 2 15 Years Later
  • 3 Bridges & Crossings
  • 4 The Single Crossing Of Kaldwin's Bridge
  • 5 Types Of Bridges
  • 6 Clearing The Ruins

In the real world, the 'City Of London' is no more than a square mile in size. This is because what we commonly call 'London' is actually multiple town and county councils within a single contiguous urban area. I imagine so…

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Stormwell Stormwell 8 September 2017

Thresh Street Runners - Slight Retcon

Gonna be a while before I start the second RP campaign, but one idea I've had is a slight retcon.

Going to make the Runners part of the City Watch, badged as Watch Inspector but otherwise doing more or less the same job. Will mean greater interaction with the rest of the Watch who may see the Runners as bothersome upstarts.

The change could be explained in relation to the Runners' success during the first campaign.

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Aequanimus3 Aequanimus3 2 September 2017

Just a little question.

Do you think the new book, The Return of Daud will take before Death of the Outsider or after? What do you think?

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WarfareOverseers WarfareOverseers 28 April 2017

My Overseer Mask is here now I will destroy the heretics

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The man with no plan 24 The man with no plan 24 5 April 2017

New weekly SPECULATION blog.

Hello. my name is plan, and this is my new weekly blog! it's mostly me and you guys speculating on stuff and a place to put my ideas for "improvements" for the wiki.

so this week we will be discussing if the owners of the outsiders mark lose their powers if its taken away. or if its just hidden away inside them.

this is inspired by Corvo's dialog "the void, it was still there all along." so, its implied by this piece of speech that it never leaves. but i disagree, i think that the power was GONE! but it was returned to him by the outsider. my evidence is the fact that he did not keep his upgrades he had in the last game. i suppose its possible he forgot it or the outsider just did it to make it more interesting. but the ladder seems unlikel…

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The man with no plan 24 The man with no plan 24 21 March 2017

My return and my thanks.

Hello. as some of you know (but i'm sure very few of you care.) i have been gone for a few months. and would like to give my thanks to some of the kind people on this wiki who helped me out.

First, i give my thanks to Blood ox. who assisted me in editing,  and taught me the in's and outs of it, and has givin me very good advice about my fanfics, and has just been a cool guy.

Second, i give thanks to our lovely admin piko, who has took hours away of her time talking about music and dishonored with me. and she is one of nicest people i know here on this wiki. plus owls are adorable and cool.

Third, i say thanks to another admin, Geist. who has giving me tips for my fanfics. and is honestly one of the coolest people i have spoken to. he does ram…

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Metworst Metworst 24 February 2017

Minor Characters

At the time of writing, there a large number of minor characters, in both Dishonored and Dishonored 2, that do not have pages on this wiki. This is a list of the pageless minor characters that I have come across, so if anyone has the time and inclination to create pages, please go ahead. If anyone comes across characters not on this page and without a page of their own, please leave that in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

Note that most of these are dead people, which we didn't really create pages for until Dishonored 2, which is why they have not been made.

Author of Arthur's Note. His body can be found at the Wrenhaven River end of John Clavering Boulevard during the mission High Overseer Campbell.

Damian and Amanda
The character…

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Essie Essex Essie Essex 17 February 2017

Twitter References

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been here in a while, but I was wondering if you all would mind me adding a point to the Reference of Style that when we link to Twitter to use as a reference, we also take a screenshot of the tweet and upload it to the wiki. That way there won't be as many problems when Harvey Smith deletes any of the tweets we linked to - especially because I just found out that he deletes his old tweets after a certain time, and he just deleted a good 64k of them.

Or, just change the policy from now on, and we link to the image and put the link to the tweet on the image's info page.

I just don't want to keep losing references, since we just lost the tweet confirming that Curnow had a male lover, and we've probably lost more. …

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Pauolo Pauolo 9 February 2017

Dishonored 2's Most Wanted List

The purpose of this blog page is to list any Bonecharm, books and written note that we may have missed in Dishonored 2. While I found them in the game's text files with their respective description/transcript, it would be best if anyone can confirm their appearance in the game before adding them to the wiki.

Feel free to write down in the comments if you found any of the following items.

EDIT: I'm assuming the remaining items on these lists are not implemented in-game, so I'll use the page to show their transcripts instead.

  • 1 Bonecharms
    • 1.1 Regular Bonecharms
    • 1.2 Corrupted Bonecharms
    • 1.3 Black Bonecharms
  • 2 Lore
    • 2.1 Books
    • 2.2 Newspapers, Karnaca Gazette
    • 2.3 Written Notes
  • 3 Unimplemented DLC achievements
  • 4 Unused Painting Names
    • 4.1 Sokolov Paintings
    • 4.2 Delilah Paintin…

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Blackstone Morgan Blackstone Morgan 2 February 2017

Harvey's Tweets

So, as most us already know, the links to harvey smith's tweets with our Dishonored questions are broken.

This is because they, along with the rest of his tweets, have been deleted. He's said that moving back to the states after completing D2 feels like "a new chapter" and wants a blank tweeting slate (no, he has not left Arkane)

I told him we didnt have screengrabs for some of the tweets, and he very kindly said he could issue another statement on those items

please help me make a list of the important stuff we need confirmed here

We dont need additional confirmation for anything we HAVE images of, or that have been confirmed in-media. 

UPDATE: The List So Far

  • The Shadow on Bitterleaf being about seamstress-themed murders. Essie's part of the c…

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Atypicalgamergirl Atypicalgamergirl 31 January 2017

The collected correspondence of Anna Pendleton and Celia Pendleton Wilde 1840-1855


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