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"She'd stun a man with her looks and suddenly run him through with a knife." [1]

"The City Watch ain't as smart as you think. Mostly, they make their stripes fightin' young orphan kids out to steal their dinner. Any time the Watch comes up against me and the lads, or any of the other respectable outfits, it's a different story. They look the other way and whistle their way down the street. Most of 'em are afraid of a good knife fight."
—Black Sally[2]

Black Sally is a tertiary character and ruthless gang leader in Dishonored.

A woman from Morley described as "pale-skinned and green-eyed, with hair as black as the Void"[1] she is infamous for both her cruelty and the reach of her criminal operations. In the years before the events of Dishonored, Black Sally's gang operated in a variety of criminal enterprises, from shipping rackets to prostitution rings. Sally was also the first high-profile boss to offer work to Slackjaw, paving the way for the rise of the Bottle Street Gang.[3]

Black Sally holds the City Watch in low esteem compared to other territorial or gang-related outfits in Dunwall, and seems to enjoy the prospect of dueling them. Both her comments in regard to the Watch and her portrayal in the book The Eradication of Black Sally display her love for violence, with a focus on knife-based combat.

Watch Captain Jules Roebin claims that the notorious mob boss was killed during a raid on her gang's hideout.[1] However, Black Sally's name appears on Slackjaw's most recent Elixir Accounts, suggesting that she is alive and well.


  • A book on the Hatters Gang suggests that Black Sally rose to prominence after the coming of the rat plague, with the weakening of Hatter forces and the shuffling of the Dunwall underground. However, other sources suggest that Black Sally was already established by this time; it is possible that the fall of the Hatters allowed Black Sally's gang to claim more territory and industry, increasing their influence.
  • Her gang was called 'Black Sally's Gang'.[4]