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"Hey, open up. I got the code but it's back on the boat."
—Betty to Ricardo

Betty is a minor character in Dishonored 2. She can be found in the Palace District near the black market shop during the mission The Grand Palace.


Betty is an associate of Ricardo Marletto and his brother Carlos. The three of them runs a black market operation in which Betty supplies the brothers with goods to sell at Ricardo's shop. Ricardo gave her the code phrase to his shop, which she recorded in an audiograph in case she ever forgets. Additionally, she can ask Carlos at Winslow Safe store for the code. Betty was told she should dock her boat somewhere safe so as to not attract the attention of the Grand Serkonan Guard.

Dishonored 2[]

When Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin goes to the Grand Palace to take down Duke Luca Abele, Betty has already arrived in the Palace District along with two of her workers to deliver goods to Ricardo. Leaving the two workers in charge of the craft, Betty can be found in the back alley knocking on the door of Ricardo's shop. She tells Ricardo that she has the code but she left it in the boat. Ricardo replies that she should either have a code on her or he will assume she's up to something. She asks him again to open the door but he refuses as per his boss's order and that she is wasting her time. Dejected, she then walks to the rail and leans on it to mull things over.


  • Betty's name can be discovered during the conversation of the two workers near her boat.
  • The code to the gate which leads to the alley to the black market can be looted from her, as can the key to her boat.