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"The Pendletons are here again. Rich and mostly clean. Can't ask for more than that."
—Betty, talking to another courtesan at the Golden Cat

Betty is a minor character who appears in Dishonored during the mission House of Pleasure. She is one of a number of courtesans working for Madame Prudence at the Golden Cat pleasure establishment.

Betty can be found on the first floor of the Golden Cat in the washroom, where she and another unidentified girl are working on their makeup. Jaded by her experiences at the Golden Cat, she gossips with a fellow courtesan, allowing a good deal of information to be overheard.

During the events of the House of Pleasure mission, Betty is assigned the duty of shocking Mister Bunting in the Silver Room, a task she has both performed before and loathes. She also expresses her disgust toward Bunting in general.


  • Though never directly revealed during her conversations with the other courtesan in the washroom, Betty's name can be found in the Golden Cat Guest Ledger.
  • Even though she has been assigned the duty of servicing Bunting, she never actually leaves the washroom to do so.
  • Various bits of information that can be gleaned from her conversations include: the present locations of Custis and Morgan Pendleton, the location of Emily Kaldwin, information about the VIP exit, and the location of the Master Key of the Golden Cat.
  • Betty has a unique character model and stands out among the courtesans in both appearance and apparel.