Bettina's corpse.

Bettina is a minor character in Dishonored 2. Her corpse can be found in a bloodfly-infested building at the Campo Seta Dockyards.

Dishonored 2

Before the mission A Long Day in Dunwall, Bettina’s husband, Luciano, was stung by bloodflies and barricaded inside his home. Bettina refused to accept that Luciano was going to die. She sent her children to live with her mother then, armed with two incendiary bolts, re-entered her house. She wrote a letter to her neighbors, telling them they were going to regret treating Luciano like they did, but Bettina died before she could send the letter. It is not known if she discovered that Luciano had turned into a nest keeper or not.


  • Despite Bettina's close proximity to the original source of the bloodfly infestation, her corpse has not yet been turned into a bloodfly nest. This could imply that Luciano, defending the nest, was the direct cause of her death.