Beatrix Kaldwin is a character whose full name, Beatrix Blayne Kaldwin, was revealed in Dishonored 2. She was the wife of Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin and mother to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and grandmother to Empress Emily Kaldwin.


She was married to Emperor Euhorn of Dunwall. She was friends with Duke Theodanis Abele of Serkonos, and she knew Corvo Attano, who was presented as a gift to them from Duke Theodanis of Serkonos. She gave birth to Jessamine Kaldwin in the Month of Earth on 3rd day in 1805. Beatrix became pregnant again in 1818, but she died in childbirth with her second child in the Month of Ice on 22nd day in 1818. Emperor Euhorn and Duke Theodanis dedicated the Royal Conservatory in her honor in 1819.



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