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The Back Yard.

The Back Yard is a location on the property of the Office of the High Overseer at Holger Square. It is accessible during the mission High Overseer Campbell. A compound located behind the Office, it is comprised of several buildings used for the necessary functions of the Abbey of the Everyman:


  • A mysterious figure can be seen standing on top of the large factory building behind the workshop. When Corvo moves further into the yard, it vanishes into a black fog. The identity of the figure is unknown.
    • A training dummy is used as a placeholder for the apparition.
  • When Corvo Attano first enters the bunkhouse, three Overseers will be inside, one of whom has the plague. If Corvo's chaos is low, the infected Overseer will beg the others to kill him, and they will do so as a show of mercy. If Corvo's chaos is high, the infected Overseer will try to deny his illness, and the other two will viciously murder him.
  • Searching the compound, the bunkhouse in particular, will reveal much about the internal politics of the Abbey and interactions between Overseers.
  • A letter in one of the post boxes warns an Overseer named Overseer Berthold that evidence of his sister's "involvement in witchcraft" has been discovered, and urges him to flee the city with her. If Corvo visits the walled-off area of the back yard, he will witness Berthold attempting to protect his sister from fellow Overseers that have come to abduct her. Corvo can choose to intervene, but will have a limited amount of time to do so.
  • The combination to the safe in the bunkhouse can be obtained in three different ways: it can be found in a note in the mess hall, under the bed next to the safe, or if Corvo chooses to save Berthold and his sister from the Overseers, they will tell him the combination as a gesture of thanks.
  • The one of the two keys to the locked workshop is on a hook inside the workshop itself; Corvo can gain entry by smashing one of the windows on the roof. A patrolling Overseer has the other key.
  • The replacement valve in the workshop is meant for the small storage unit in the far corner of the compound. However, the unit can be just as easily accessed by breaking boards placed over one of its windows.


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