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The Upper Aventa District, seen from the coach stop at the Clockwork Mansion.

The Aventa Quarter is a wealthy district on the western edge of Karnaca. It consists of two main areas: the Lower Aventa District, where the Aventa Station is located, and the Upper Aventa District, where the Clockwork Mansion of Serkonos' Grand Inventor, Kirin Jindosh, is throning over the city. Both are connected by a Rail Car line.

The district is visited by either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano in the fourth mission of Dishonored 2, where said mansion must be infiltrated to save Anton Sokolov and eliminate Jindosh.



The Aventa Quarter is located at the base of the Prieto Reserve and separated from Karnaca's center by the Grand Serkonan Canal. It is mostly populated with wealthy families from Dunwall and Gristol who arrived in Karnaca at the times of building of the Grand Canal. While they came to identify themselves as Karnacans, they prefer to distance themselves from the town center and display an elitist behavior towards anyone below their status. The arrival of the Rail Car in their district made it easier for them to reach their home, away from their places of business, but also brought in many undesirables. A pocket of the Regenters, loyalists to the former Lord Regent Hiram Burrows, also established themselves in Aventa.

The rising taxes and oppression under Duke Luca Abele brought in Aventa many beggars driven from their home. This prompted the residents to demand more enforcement from the Grand Guard. Among those undesirables, the Howlers set a Black Market Shop near the carriage station. The Eyeless Gang also have an interest in the district. Through spies infiltrated in their ranks, they are secretly riling up the Howlers to take on bigger targets in the Aventa Quarter, including Kirin Jindosh and his deadly Clockwork Mansion. In doing so, they are also luring more of the wealthy residents into their circle.[1]

Lower Aventa[]

Although the Lower Aventa District houses some of Karnaca's more wealthier citizens, a group of poorer citizens is forced to live on the streets. There is an abandoned house which is partially covered in bloodfly nests near this area. Another house is the headquarter of a local group of Regenters.

The District centers around the Aventa Railway station. A guard booth is located directly in front of the entrance of the station. A group of Howlers have created a makeshift headquarter behind it, ambushing people who stumble upon them.

The district's black market shop is located at a back alley plaza and is reached through a side street.

Upper Aventa[]

At the Upper Aventa District, which is reached by railway, a gate near a Grand Guard outpost separates the district from the Clockwork Mansion. A Wall of Light blocks off another path towards the mansion. Next to the guard outpost, there are buildings still occupied by wealthier citizens of Karnaca. However, there is also an abandoned apartment occupied by bloodflies.


  • A trio of witches can be encountered at the Lower Aventa District after Sokolov has been saved from Jindosh.
  • Paolo, leader of the Howlers gang, can be encountered after a visit to the district's black market shop.
  • A dead Howler can be found on the stone columns that connect the Upper Aventa District to Jindosh's mansion.



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