Dishonored2 Karnaca

The Upper Aventa District, seen from the coach stop at the Clockwork Mansion.

The Aventa Quarter is a district in the city of Karnaca. The Aventa Station connects the Lower Aventa District to the Upper Aventa District, where the Clockwork Mansion of Serkonos' Grand Inventor, Kirin Jindosh, is throning over the city. The district is visited by either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano in the fourth mission of Dishonored 2, where said mansion must be infiltrated to save Anton Sokolov and eliminate Jindosh.


Lower Aventa

Although the Lower Aventa District houses some of Karnaca's more wealthier citizens, a group of poorer citizens is forced to live on the streets. There is an abandoned house which is partially covered in bloodfly nests near this area. Another house is the headquarter of a goup of regenters.

The District centers around the Aventa Railway station. A guard booth is located directly in front of the entrance of the station and a group of Howlers have created a makeshift headquarter behind it, ambushing people who stumble upon them.

The district's black market shop is located at a back alley plaza and is reached through a side street.

Upper Aventa

At the Upper Aventa District, which is reached by railway, a gate near a Grand Guard outpost separates the district from the Clockwork Mansion. A wall of light blocks off another path towards the mansion. Next to the guard outpost, there are buildings still occupied by wealthier citizens of Karnaca. However, there is also an abandoned apartment occupied by bloodflies.


  • A trio of witches can be encountered at the Lower Aventa District after Sokolov has been saved from Jindosh.
  • Paolo, leader of the Howlers gang, can be encountered after a visit to the district's black market shop.
  • A dead Howler can be found on the stone columns that connect the Upper Aventa District to Jindosh's mansion.


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