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Arthur's Note is a written note found in Dishonored.


Dearest Gwen,

The city is going to burn. I've sold everything so there's nothing for me here now except you. I'll wait for you where Clavering Boulevard crumbles into the river. Where we used to meet. We'll take the money I've made and bribe our way onto a passing whale ship. I won't leave without you. And if you won't come, I'd rather be rat food.



It can be found during the mission High Overseer Campbell in the Distillery District near the first set of stairs Corvo Attano encounters after leaving Samuel Beechworth's boat.


  • At the end of John Clavering Boulevard, there is a crumbling structure that can be reached via a chain; the same location contains a Bone Charm. Inside is a dead man on a couch, and a heart with "Darren + Gwen" inside scratched onto the wall. It is probable that this Gwen is the same one mentioned in Arthur's note, and it appears she abandoned Arthur for Darren.