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Buntings house2

Bunting's apartment on Clavering Blvd.

The Art Dealer's Apartment is a building in Dishonored.

Located on John Clavering Boulevard across from the Offices of Dr. Galvani, it is the home of Bunting, the art dealer. Like Galvani's residence, it is a three-story building with balconies on its second and third floors, as well as street access. There is a locked backdoor accessible from the alley behind the building. On both sides of the house are green banners that say All new Exhibition - Tyvian Burial Urns.

The building is mostly empty and its few contents are in disarray. The door to the kitchen is boarded shut, but the boards can be broken. A swarm of rats will then exit the room. Only a few paintings are still on display on the second and third floors, and Bunting's bedroom and safe are located on the third floor as well.

The building is locked and completely inaccessible during the High Overseer Campbell mission. To enter, Corvo Attano must either acquire the Art Dealer's Apartment Key by saving a woman in the Distillery District from being harassed by City Watch guards, or climb / blink up to the second floor balcony, where an unlocked door can be found, both events occurring during the House of Pleasure mission.

Notable Items[]

Bunting's apartment contains several objects of value to Corvo Attano:


  • There are several paintings missing from the walls of the display room. These include:
    • "Abandoned Child" - Bonnie Rosebud (Oil on canvas)
    • "Morley Withdraws" - Grimaldi Churchblod (Oil on canvas)
    • "The Sisters' Vision" - Bettina Witherbottom (Chalk and glass fragments)
    • "Pandyssian Cliffs" - Jonathon Hedgerow (Oil on canvas)
    • "The Number of Bliss" - Prasha (Oil on blood ox hide)
  • There are two urns outside the safe room which are labeled "Tyvian burial urns", and more urns inside the safe.