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File:Arnold Timsh's Portrait.png|Delilah's portrait of Arnold Timsh
File:The Barrister.jpg|Delilah's portrait of Arnold Timsh
Timsh.jpg|Timsh Black/White
Timsh.jpg|Timsh Black/White
timsh2.jpg|Timsh profile
timsh2.jpg|Timsh profile

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Barrister Arnold concept art

Arnold Timsh

Arnold Timsh is a character featured in The Knife of Dunwall. He is a highly corrupt Barrister who attempts to keep his niece Thalia Timsh from inheriting the family fortune by hiding her ailing grandmother's will, which Thalia tasks Daud with retrieving. Timsh is the assassination target of the mission, Eminent Domain.


A lawyer by trade, Timsh was elevated to the position of Barrister by Hiram Burrows, putting him in charge of the seizure of property left abandoned due to the rat plague. An audiograph found in Timsh's office at his estate reveals that he frequently abuses his power, seizing the property of families who were not victims of the plague and turning it over to his friends and business associates. He personally has immunity from property seizure via a decree from the Lord Regent, which he keeps on his person at all times.

Arnold once knew Delilah Copperspoon and was deeply infatuated with her, writing her in as the benefactor of his mother's will and compromising the ailing woman's health for Delilah's benefit. He also named a ship after her, which he later sold to Bundry Rothwild after Delilah disappeared from his life. Despite his deep love for Delilah, Thalia also suggests that Timsh feared her, and he is still haunted by her memory years after her disappearance.

It is revealed in The Brigmore Witches that Delilah used her painting of Timsh to possess him, using the barrister as a test case for future such rituals.


  • Timsh was slated to appear in Dishonored as the corrupt head of the Bitterleaf Almshouse, but was cut.
  • Timsh and Morgan Pendleton share the same death animation.
  • Timsh's character model is reused and can be seen in Emily Kaldwin's throne room at the end of the game; it can be seen arguing with Thalia's model in the high chaos ending.
  • Timsh keeps an audiograph in his quarters that states comforting lies for his mother, should she ever wake up.
  • A note written by Timsh to a maid named Melissa, suggests that he is not entirely professional toward his servants. This is also demonstrated in a private conversation between him and a married maid, in which he suggests she spend the night with him.
  • If the non-lethal method of elimination is chosen, Timsh can be encountered again in a cell in Coldridge Prison.


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