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Duke Abele Body Double Armando

Armando, body double of Duke Luca Abele.

Armando[1] is a character in Dishonored 2. He is the body double of Duke Luca Abele, trained to imitate him in every aspect to foil assassination attempts on his person.


Armando is the political decoy of the Duke of Serkonos for as long as Luca succeeded his father. To fulfill the role, Armando has to constantly pay attention to the way he walks, talks and dresses,[2] even going as far as altering his diet to match the Duke's weight and physical condition. He loved a woman but since she was deemed a risk to the cover, he was not allowed to see her again.[3] Armando is also a talented painter and dreams of practicing law in Dunwall[4].

Unlike the Duke, he cares about the people of Serkonos but is disheartened by Karnaca's decay under its ruler. He thinks about what he would do to fix the city if he had the power of the Duke, and also corresponds with Lucia Pastor in the hopes of changing the life conditions of the miners slaving away in the silver mines.

Dishonored 2[]

During the mission The Grand Palace, Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin has the option to identify Armando from the real Duke and talk to him. The body double will agree on a plan to switch roles with the real Duke in order to arrest Abele and, in his place, rule Serkonos in a more effective and respectable manner. As a condition, he demands that his actions will not be dictated by the Empire.


  • Armando is a smoker, while Luca is not. This is a way to distinguish the body double from the Duke.
  • A keen, stealthy observer can wait patiently and can hear Armando outwardly talk about how much he despises his job as the Duke's body double, along with other things the real Duke does against him, such as claiming Armando's paintings as the real Duke's own, leading to more evidence of him being the body double, which is helpful for those in either low or high chaos scenarios.
  • If Armando is switched with Luca Abele in high chaos, he will turn corrupt at the end of the game.
  • Armando is the Spanish and Italian variant of the name Armand, meaning "of the army".
  • In one of the scenarios of The Grand Palace mission, Armando can be found in the private garden, working on a painting of a wolfhound.
    • In a similar scenario, Luca Abele can be seen attempting the same thing, albeit with much less success.