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"I have use for cat entrails. If you don't want to find out what for, you'd better have the rest of what you owe ready by tomorrow. Last warning!"
—Armanda threatens the clerk

Armanda is a character in Death of the Outsider. She is a member of the Eyeless gang and is encountered during the mission Follow the Ink.

Death of the Outsider[]

Armanda is a former Brigmore witch who has joined the Eyeless gang after losing her powers. Armanda now works for an upper class Eyeless member who has employed her to blackmail a clerk at Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank. In order to succeed, Armanda torments the man by threatening him and nailing dead bloodflies to his door when he doesn't pay up.

Armanda's constant terrorization of the bank clerk leads him to open the contract "Workplace Harassment" - demanding the execution of Armanda and those who employed her. In order to do so, Billie Lurk must head to Dolores Michaels' bank where she can witness Armanda threatening the bank clerk once more by implying that she might gut the man's cat and using its entrails for her rituals. After obtaining some money from the clerk, Armanda leaves the bank and walks to the Spector Club where she is meeting her employer, who is sitting on a bench in front of the club. She sits down next to him and hands him the pouch of money, claiming that she will get the rest the next day. She states that she hopes the man pays up because she does not want to kill the cat. Her employer replies that if she does, she should save some of its fat for him. He also congratulates Armanda on her good work. The two then remain on the bench for the rest of the mission, giving Billie the option to kill them.



  • If Armanda and her employer are killed, Billie is paid 400 coins.
  • If Armanda is pickpocketed on her way to her employer, she will still put a pouch of money on the bench.