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"I've been a nanny in some fine houses across Dunwall and I can tell you, I dread the day that some of those children grow up to run this city. Most of them are even more spoiled than their parents, and all the nannies in the world couldn't help them become decent folk."
—Callista Curnow[1]

Aristocrats are members of the upper echelon of society, and have great influence on the political landscape of Dunwall. They come from wealthy families, and increase their fortune through profitable (and, often, ethically dubious) business ventures. While certain aristocrats such as Treavor Pendleton and Lady Boyle play a large role in the plot of Dishonored, many are left unnamed (such as guests at the Boyle Mansion) or given minor roles (such as Miss White and Bunting). These minor aristocrats are most easily distinguished via The Heart; it will describe them with class-specific lines instead of unique ones given to plot-relevant aristocrats.

Corvo Attano encounters aristocrats in four locations during Dishonored: the Golden Cat bathhouse during House of Pleasure, Pratchett's House in The Royal Physician, in much greater abundance at the Boyle Mansion during Lady Boyle's Last Party, and a few near the Rudshore Gate during the mission The Flooded District.

Aristocrats can also be encountered in the Legal District in The Knife of Dunwall, and Drapers Ward, a once-popular shopping area for the aristocracy, is visited in The Brigmore Witches.


Searching Alone

  • "I demand that you show yourself."
  • "Come out now, or I'll call the City Watch."

Idle Chat

  • "The ox-roast we had last night might have been the best I've had."
  • "I wonder if I should upgrade the staff."
  • "How in the void are we responsible for them? Lazy is its own rewards!"
  • "Did you hear? Allegedly Rosemary Peacroft's nephew does nothing but chew that nasty habber weed all day."

Idle Answers

  • "Undoubtedly."
  • "Rightfully."
  • "Indeed."

Crying for Help

  • "Someone help me, dammit!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "I am in need of assistance!"


  • Aristocrats can often be heard gossiping about each other, occasionally plotting ways to betray or harm specific people.
    • A woman named Mattie, a man named Harold, and another aristocrat can be spotted standing outside the Boyle Mansion insulting and planning to harass a woman named Emma.
    • One aristocrat in the smoking room at the Boyle Mansion can be seen attempting to get another guest to speak his mind about the Lord Regent and subsequently be arrested.
    • A group of aristocrats can be heard at the Boyle Manor gossiping about the Brimsleys, attributing their financial success to their Outsider worship, and then discussing various bizarre rituals the Brimsleys have been rumored to conduct.
  • Aristocrats that are even rumored to have the plague are shunned by the rest.[2]
    • During Lady Boyle's party, one aristocrat remarks that those with enough money, specifically the Brimsleys, cannot be exiled to the Flooded District for having the plague.
    • Corvo Attano meets the Brimsleys near the Rudshore Gate in the Flooded District after Mrs. Brimsley contracts the plague.
  • In order to become popular in aristocratic society, it is important to throw social events in order to get to know the other aristocrats. These events involve grand displays of wealth, such as the fireworks at the Boyle Mansion.
    • Thalia Timsh is noted to be one of the people who is moving her way upward in aristocratic society.[3]
  • According to the Heart, City Watch Officers "are the sons of rich and powerful families", who are presumably aristocrats.[4]
  • There is an unknown female aristocrat who is involved in a secret cult and has the Outsider's Mark branded onto her back.[5]