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Archibald Wainwright issue2

Archibald addressing the crowd at Dunwall Tower.

"This city is being rebuilt brick by brick. Yet after all this turmoil, the controlling power remains the same. I say we dissolve the imperial seat! I say we demand change, real change that gives more power to you, the people!"
—Archibald Wainwright to workers

Archibald Wainwright is a politician in Dunwall introduced in the first issue of Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price. He rejected his position in the aristocracy to dedicate his life to his cause.


Archibald is the son of a member of the Gristol Parliament. He renounced to the position his father left him after passing away to help represent Dunwall's population. In the wake of Delilah's Coup, Archibald started opposing Empress Emily Kaldwin to demand the dissolution of the imperial seat. He fears that another dictator the likes of Delilah may still rise even under Emily's rule. He wants the people to vote for their own leaders and avoid another period of chaos.

Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price[]

Issue 1[]

Months after the end of Delilah's short and chaotic reign, Archibald Wainwright is giving a speech to workers at a harbor in Dunwall, advocating for a democratic rule for the people's benefit. Empress Emily soon intervene, with Corvo Attano by her side. She starts answering to his arguments, advancing that despite her monarchic rule, she sets advisers to always hear the people's voice and worked hard to reclaim their trust. Archibald explains that this system only works with apt rulers, forwarding Delilah's blooded rule as a viable example. Emily does not attempt any action towards Archibald, despite her doubts on the sincerity of his words and Corvo's growing irritation towards the politician and the crowd agreeing with him.

Later that day, Archibald is abducted by Luella Price and her Rat Gang. She roughs him up and explains that she needs him to gain the people's trust while she wreaks havoc to the city. Archibald opposes her anarchic views, claiming she is just another thug wanting to profit from the chaos. She leaves him no choice; her plans are already in motion, with or without his cooperation.

Issue 2[]

Archibald gave a speech outside Dunwall Tower to a large crowd, but he grew distressed to see his words were making them aggressive and calls began to demand the death of the empress. The City Watch arrived and ordered the crowd to disperse. At first, Archibald attempted to calm down the crowd but when he saw Luella watching him in the crowd he stopped, prayed for forgiveness, and then incited the crowd into a riot.

Archibald later attended court as Empress Emily Kaldwin delivered judgment on Luella Price, choosing to spare her life and hand her fate over to a tribunal. Archibald declared that Emily's decision reflected a true commitment to peace and heeding the voices of others, finally being convinced the Empress was the person best suited to guide Dunwall to prosperity.


  • Archibald was incorrectly named "Dufrane" in the synopsis of the first issue of The Peeress and the Price.
  • In issue #2 of The Peeress and the Price, Archibald erroneously refers to the City Watch as the Grand Guard when clearly they are not. This is most like a typo on the writer's part.