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Arcane Bond's ability icon.

Arcane Bond is a passive supernatural ability in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. It influences which abilities Daud shares with his summoned assassins.

Ability tiers[]

Tier I - (0 runes)[]

Daud already possesses Tier I of Arcane Bond, which gives his summoned assassins access to his Blink and Vitality powers, granting them the ability to teleport and giving them more health.

Tier II - (4 runes)[]

With Arcane Bond Tier II, Daud's summoned assassins share his ability to move normally when Bend Time is activated. The summoned assassins also acquire the Shadow Kill power, turning enemies' bodies to ash once killed, and Pull.

Usage tips[]

  • Summoned assassins only gain access to powers if Daud unlocks them, and how they apply to Daud is how they apply to the summoned assassin.
  • It is strongly advised to plan out which powers are going to be bought and when, as the rune cost of Summon Assassin, Arcane Bond and the individual powers must be taken into account.
  • Assassins with Pull tend to use that during combat even when it might not be helpful. As such, caution must be taken when purchasing Arcane Bond Tier II if Daud already has Pull.


  • Daud's assassins do not always gain powers from him, but those who do can work to improve their own skills as well as wait for Daud to upgrade his powers.
  • Delilah Copperspoon grants powers to the Brigmore Witches through her version of Arcane Bond. The primary difference is that her witches have to work to gain any powers.
  • Vera Moray has a variant of this power called Apprentice, which allows Morris Sullivan magical abilities of his own. Apprentice only allows for sharing with one individual, and the powers are not ones the mark bearer themselves owns.[1]
  • Zhukov was also able to share his power with Galia Fleet, although the source of his powers came from corroded bonecharms. However, this has some side effects as Galia becomes ill as she uses the power.[2]
  • According to Galia Fleet, there appears to be a kind of withdrawal symptom to losing her powers granted by Daud's Arcane Bond, describing it as at first being energized before growing into a pain that was almost physical.[3]
  • Arcane Bond is the only power in the franchise that directly impacts how another power functions, in this case, Summon Assassin.