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An arc mine.
"Lovely and terrifying, with nothing left to wipe up."
—Hiram Burrows[1]

Arc mines are powerful proximity-based mines that will incinerate anything unfortunate enough to get caught in its attack radius. The effect is similar to a wall of light or arc pylon. Daud has access to these devices in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches DLC.

Originally a weapon designed for the City Watch by Anton Sokolov to use against rioters or striking workers such as those at the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, by 1852, the arc mine had all but disappeared due to high cost and risk of accidental detonation.[2] The preference was for the readily available spring razor, a weapon that does not rely on whale oil. Stun mines, a non-lethal version of the arc mine, are still in use.

Usage tips[]

  • Because arc mines contain two or three charges, it can be used to take down multiple enemies.
    • If an arc mine is placed directly on a person and goes off, it will incinerate the person and itself regardless of whether or not it has extra charges, thus making it a one-use item in such instances.
  • Butchers with buzz-saws require two shocks to be killed by an arc mine. Alternatively, an arc mine can be placed directly on to them, though this will consume it.
  • Arc mines may be placed on throwable objects, such as glass bottles, to create makeshift ranged weapons. Simply attach the mine to the object and throw it.
    • While the mine is attached to this object, it will behave normally, meaning it will strike any enemy who gets close enough, even while the object remains in Daud's hands.
  • As long as an arc mine has not used one of its charges it can be retrieved.
  • Daud should take care when placing the mine, as it has no way of determining friend from foe and will zap everyone in its range.
  • If the mine takes damage in any form (like hitting or shooting) it will turn red then explode violently.
  • The arc mine takes approximately two seconds to become armed once placed on a surface. This process is accompanied by a faint charging sound and a change of color from yellow to blue.


The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches[]

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Arc Mine Capacity 450 Coins Compact Arc Amplifier Blueprint Increases Daud's arc mine storage capacity by 3 (total 6).
Arc Mine Extra Charge 600 Coins Compact Arc Amplifier Blueprint Arc mines can kill one more target, making a total of 3.


  • The first human test subject was a man named Vaughn, who was scheduled for execution at Coldridge Prison.[1]


Description Sound effect
Arc Mine zap
Arc Mine zap (2)
Arc Mine zap (3)
Arc Mine tick
Arc Mine static
Arc Mine charge-up
Arc Mine explosion