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Aramis Stilton's Diary is a book found in Dishonored 2.


12th, Nets
After spending a day inspecting Tunnel Twelve, I overheard Claire talking about my hands. "What sort of gentleman are we working for?" she asked. "All that black under his nails. Disgusting." That's exactly what she said, and the words continue ringing in my ears. I'll talk with Jaime to see if he has any advice.

14th, Nets
Jaime said "many fine gents" get their fingers manicured at the barber's. So tomorrow when I get a shave, I'll ask for this service as well.

15th, Nets
Though his shop is small, Miguel is the best barber in the Batista District. I've seen him for years, since before all this money and hubbub. I asked him for a manicure and he snorted, knowing it wasn't like me. Being new to all this, I simply said, "Give me what everyone else gets." I didn't realize the simple act of having my nails cleaned would involve the application of expensive, strong smelling lacquers! It does not suit me, so I must take steps to get this off my hands before tomorrow's mine inspection.

16th, Nets
The lacquer was quite hard. Thankfully, I found that it softened somewhat with turpentine, leaving it susceptible to a good scrubbing with gritted paper. Though now my hands look more abused than ever.


This book can be found on Stilton's bedroom desk, in the past, during the mission A Crack in the Slab.