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The notes, on and under Humphrey's bed.

Apprenticeship is the name of a collection of written notes found in Dishonored.


Apprenticeship, Draft 1[]


I'm sick of mopping your floors and dusting your shelves. All of this in hopes of receiving the crumbs of knowledge that you cast my way. If you think I'm going to wait around forever -

Apprenticeship, Draft 2[]

Dear High Artificer,

This is in regards to my being chosen for the position of your apprentice. If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you looked at my record of service over the last several months. You will find that I have been -

Apprenticeship, Draft 3[]

High Artificer,

I was visited by Holger himself in my dreams last night! He told me I was to do great works for the Abbey, to cast out darkness where I find it, to help arm my brothers with weapons that reach beyond the physical and into the very heart of the Outsider! I think that I am ready for this task -


High Artificer Bartholomew,

I would appreciate it if you would consider promoting me to your apprentice, formally, so that I might work with you full-time.

Thank you,


The various notes can be found under and on Humphrey's bed in the bunkhouse in the Back Yard during the mission High Overseer Campbell.