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Sokolov's safehouse.

Anton Sokolov's Safehouse is a building atop Kaldwin's Bridge in which Anton Sokolov lives and where he conducts experiments to find a cure for the plague. Corvo Attano visits this place during The Royal Physician to kidnap Sokolov.


The safehouse features a wine cellar, a large lower level comprised of Sokolov's studio and some encased machines, an enclosed middle level containing a dining hall and a kitchen, and an upper level housing Sokolov's libraries and quarters. On the roof is a greenhouse where Sokolov often cages his human test subjects.

The immediate area around the safehouse is abandoned and derelict. The safehouse itself is separated from the street by a moat.

It is heavily guarded by both the City Watch and Overseers and has a few walls of light for protection, but the greenhouse has only one guard. One of Sokolov's paintings can be found on the first floor, and the house also has a whale oil-powered elevator, which connects the first level with the library. There are empty vials that can be filled with elixir in the greenhouse.

Sokolov performs experiments on many human subjects, one of whom can be found locked in a cage in the greenhouse. Corvo has the option of setting her free once he obtains Sokolov's key.


  • The safehouse has a stone wall with an advertisement not usually found on houses, but on Dunwall's warehouses.
  • Although Sokolov lives in the house there is no advanced laboratory equipment, suggesting that his main work is done elsewhere.
  • The section of the bridge at which Sokolov's safehouse is located is called North End.
  • At the end of Dishonored 2, Sokolov wonders if his apartment is still as he left it after moving to Karnaca.[1]



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