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The antitoxin still.

Antitoxin is a written note found in The Brigmore Witches.


The antitoxin formula needs the following:
Oxrush Flower (buy more from Jerome in Drapers Ward.)
Bull Rat Fetus (one in the dry storage room)
Metallic Salts (some on the manufacturing floor)


It can be found in a secret wall compartment near an audiograph player in Nurse Trimble's lab during the mission The Dead Eels.


  • Oxrush flowers can also be found in the Millenary Canal underneath the location of the safe dragged out by the Hatters.
  • The Bull Rat Fetus is found on a stove in a room behind the booby-trapped left entrance of the Textile Mill, which is marked a "Dry Storage".
  • The Metallic Salts are left on a table in the tool section of the mill's manufacturing floor.