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"I don't want to go to the Void anymore! I've seen what happens. The stone grips more than your body - it takes over your mind and heart. I don't want to! I'm scared..."
—Antero forsakes the cult

Antero is a minor character in Death of the Outsider. A member of the Cult of the Outsider, he is encountered during the mission A Hole in the World.


At some point of his life, Antero developed an interest in the Void and the Outsider. His dedication was strong enough to gain him the attention of the Cult of the Outsider and he was allowed to join the cultists at Shindaerey North Quarry. After living with them for a while, his belief in the cult started to falter. Although Antero lived with the cult long enough so that a part of his body was turned to stone by the Void, he dreaded actually changing into one of the Envisioned, fearing that he would lose himself in the process.

Death of the Outsider[]

At some point, Antero is caught by two other cultists while feeding rats. The two confront him and punish him by shooting off his arm. When Antero starts breaking down and crying uncontrollably, one of the cultists tries to calm him by claiming that Antero had it coming and knew it, as he cannot find wisdom when he ignores the simplest tenets like "Seek no solace in mundane things". The woman also claims that Antero's "pets" were distracting his gaze from the Void, but she cannot get through to Antero. Babbling like a child, Antero claims that he was only feeding the rats and talking to them, like the Lonely Rat Boy in the stories.

He also exclaims that he does not want to go to the Void anymore, as he has seen what the exposure does to people. Despite the other cultists trying to convince him that the Void requires him, Antero does not give in and keeps crying. After claiming that he is scared and does not want to go to the Void, the woman accepts and tells him that he will not have to. She then draws her pistol and shoots Antero in the head, killing him.



  • There is no way for Billie Lurk to save Antero. Even if he is shot with electrical bursts, or the cultists are eliminated before they can kill him, he will still die of his wounds.