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Annabelle is a minor character in The Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored. She is found in the mission The Dead Eels in the Drapers Ward Riverfront patrolling the Undine, the flagship of the Dead Eels.

The Brigmore Witches

Annabelle is a member of the gang and one of those who supported Edgar Wakefield when he usurped the command of the Dead Eels from Lizzy Stride and handed her to the City Watch.

After Lizzy Stride is restored to command of both the Dead Eels and the Undine, Annabelle is one of a select batch of Eels who are punished by having to give up a finger to their returning leader. She speaks out of turn and is further punished by Lizzy, having to offer up two of her fingers.

Despite most of the Dead Eels being content with Lizzy Stride's return, Annabelle proves to be particularly traitorous. She can be heard lamenting the fact that Lizzy is angry and asking for more fingers than usual. She then mutters that she and Ferris, another Eel who has to give up a finger by Lizzy's command, are planning to jump ship at sunset.


  • Her main duties include patrolling one of the lookout platforms situated at the front of the Undine.
  • Despite her disloyalty, she will still become hostile to Daud should he attack the Dead Eels or Lizzy Stride.
    • She will come to Lizzy's aid should the Brigmore Witches launch an attack on the Undine at the Drapers Ward Riverfront.


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