"It'll feel right nice to have a jingling pocket when I take my bank key to Marco later. Let's see him call me a useless baffoon when I'm rolling in coin!"
—Anibal in a letter to his friend
Anibal garca

Anibal's corpse.

Anibal Garca is a character in Death of the Outsider. His corpse can be found during the mission The Bank Job.

Death of the Outsider

Garca is a custodian at the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank and is in possession of the only key to the sanitation area. At some point, Anibal spots a pocket watch on a cliff near Dead Man's Bluff. Expecting it to be worth some coin, he decides to climb down to retrieve the watch despite it dangling in a tricky spot. After leaving a note for a friend, in which he describes the situation and offers the friend half the reward if she helps retrieve the watch, Garca attempted to reach the watch but slipped and fell, dying upon smashing onto the cliffs. His dead body is not retrieved, seemingly because nobody noticed it, and can be found by Billie Lurk during her attempt to infiltrate the bank. By taking the key from Anibal's corpse, Billie is able to enter the bank through the sanitation area.

Although Garca's disappearance is noted at the bank after a few days, they do not investigate the disappearance and simply request a new key for the sanitation area after sending him a dismissal note.


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