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An Unfinished Letter on Legacy is a written note in Dishonored 2.


Honestly, I bear no ill will towards Emily Kaldwin or her father, the Royal Protector. I've never given a single fig for any of those palace-born nobles in Dunwall, so how could I think ill of one Empress or another?

You would not be incorrect in suggesting that my motivations for assisting the Duke were at least twofold. I wanted to advance the causes of Natural Philosophy, for the sake of the work itself, and to show those stodgy morons at the Academy the light they very nearly extinguished. Further, of course, I am not stranger to infamy, and in fact I am fond of it.

But there's more driving the engines of my desire.

Dynasties rise and fall with the ages, through mundane catalysts such as famine, plague or bankruptcy. Now, however, we live in a time that is being shaped by genius! Just as Roseburrow, Sokolov, Joplin, and Hypatia have set the wheels of history spinning with their contributions, so will Kirin Jindosh.

And it is my goal to eclipse those who came before me. No matter how the history books record the tale regarding this turn in power, it must be stated that it was only possible through advances in industry and technological exploration. Power now rests in the hands of the brilliant, and the world will never be the same.


The note can be found in a corridor between Jindosh's bedroom and his laboratory inside the Clockwork Mansion during the mission of the same name.