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An Evaluation of the Prominent Eyeless of Karnaca is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


Jacobi - Further delay.

He is a man of singular dedication. Any difficulty he encounters he overcomes by sheer force of persistence. He is undoubtedly devoted to our intellectual ideas. A studious man. Dispassionate. Yet, obsessive. In his single-mindedness, he can be prone to nervous fits and neglectful of himself and other duties. Furthermore, he is too enamored of the sanguine infusion and its effects on his mind.

Yun - Further delay.

An aesthete. He appreciates the patterns and nuances of the Void. His knowledge and passion would enrich our pursuits here. But the man is a celebrity. As of yet, he would not be suited to our rigors or our lifestyle. His public profile is too high to relocate without causing some alarm. And we believe he enjoys that fact.

Michaels - To ascend within three years.

A woman of consummate control. She has maintained a network of patrons and subordinates which has allowed our influence to spread and our studies to continue. Her reliability and constancy is unquestionable. It is through her efforts and resources that the dangerous relic from the Outsider's creation has been kept secured. Our trust was not misplaced.


This note can be found in the headquarters of the Cult of the Outsider.