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Amadeo Monte.

This article is about the written note. You may be looking for the character.

Amadeo Monte is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Amadeo Monte. Artist, draws advertisements and portraits for the newspapers. Lives near the dockyard. Spotted him when he lost his shirt in a game of dice at the Crone's Hand. Seems to have interesting ink on his back. Really want to check it out.

Met up. Definitely has some very unusual tattoos. I might have to see him again, once or twice. Take time to make a good sketch. He's cute so that part'll be easy. But I need to be careful. I think we were followed. Probably one of those limp dicks from the Abbey.

Shit. They got him.


This note can be found in the building to the left of the Overseer Outpost during the mission Dust District.