Allison is a minor character in Dishonored 2 and a member of Howlers Gang under Paolo. She can be found near the Palace District by the Black Market Shop during the mission The Grand Palace.


Allison is a member of Howlers run by Paolo and Mindy Blanchard. She became friends with Petronilla Wetherspoon, who trusted her enough to give her the key to her apartment. Petronilla had to meet and give hagfish broth to a cousin, but told Allison that she was always welcomed at her apartment. The only stipulation Petronilla made was that Allison was to take off her boots when she is sleeping because her boots were always muddy.

Dishonored 2

When Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin goes to the Grand Palace to deal with Duke Luca Abele, Allison can be encountered in the Palace District, hiding and planning an ambush near the Black Market along with four other members.


  • Allison's name can be discovered on note: Note from Petronilla.
  • The Key to Petronilla's apartment can be taken from her.
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