Emperor Alexy Olaskir was the tenth emperor of the Empire of the Isles, and the fourth of the Olaskir dynasty. His reign was the longest in the Empire's history, from 1751, after succeeding Emperor Daniil Olaskir, until 1783, when he was succeeded by Empress Larisa Olaskir. He was among the many suitors of Vera Dubhghoill, and asked for her hand in marriage but was refused. Alexy Olaskir is described as a large man, who dressed in military jackets, which festooned with badges and medals. He was often accompanied by his personal guards, who also wore sharp, bright red military jackets and fur-trimmed tricorns, with a tall, colored pennant rising from one edge. By 1853, coins engraved with his name are still being used in far-flung corners of the Empire.[1]

The Veiled Terror

In 1853, during her time in Alba, Billie Lurk encountered a strange creature that can time-travel via Void rifts. As she followed the creature, one of the rifts it created took her to Lord Preston Moray's estate around 1790. There she witnessed the wedding of Lord Moray and Vera Dubhghoill being officiated by Alexy Olaskir himself. The Emperor, wearing an orange military jacket and flanked by two of his guards, was joking about Vera breaking his heart, then the creature attacked. Billie tried to intervene but was too late. The Emperor was killed almost immediately, his face contorted in pain. The guards rushed in to protect Vera and the body of their liege. They fought valiantly, shooting at the creature's shadowy form, but to no avail. It killed Vera soon after and started to attack aristocrats and soldiers alike, until being chased away by Billie. The creature's actions, fortunately, created an alternate timeline instead of permanently changing history. In the current timeline, Emperor Alexy Olaskir still lived and ruled the Empire until 1783.


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