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Alberto's image from the corresponding Contract.

Alberto is a minor character and dentist in Death of the Outsider. His rescue is the focus of the contract The Missing Brother.


Alberto works as a dentist in Upper Cyria under Amelia Assur, the head dental surgeon in her clinic. Alberto has an assistant of his own, Efrain.

In the week before the mission Follow the Ink, one of Alberto's customers was a member of the Eyeless who claimed to just be a dock worker. While at the dentist, he described the sanguine infusion to Alberto with the intention of piquing his interest. A week later, Alberto decided that he would go and try an infusion.

Upon arriving at the Spector Club, expecting to meet the worker again, he was ambushed by the Eyeless and taken upstairs, there to become a donor for the infusion. However, he had arranged to meet his brother at Malveros Victory Plaza that morning. When he did not show, his brother got in touch with Efrain, who told him of a letter in which Alberto described his intention of visiting the Spector Club. Worried, his brother posted a contract in the nearby black market shop asking for whoever finds Alberto to take him to a cabin near the canal.

Death of the Outsider[]

Alberto can be found in the draining room on the top floor of the Spector Club, hooked up to the sanguine infusion machine. He is in a semi-conscious state as the blood is being slowly drained out of him. If Billie chooses, she can reverse the machine. Once enough blood has been returned to him, the machine will stop working and he will fall unconscious. Billie must then carry him to his brother's small cabin on Canal Passage to complete the contract.

During the next mission, the cabin is occupied by a beggar, with Alberto's fate remaining unknown.