Airships or Flying Warships are a type of flying machine which was invented by the Leviathan Company in Dishonored: The Veiled Terror.


Airships are advanced vehicles that should not have been plausible with the current level of technology in the Empire of the Isles. In truth, they use voidrite as fuel source, which not only provides exceptional power, but also allows the engines to negate the effects of gravity. At first glance, airships look like rail cars but are much bigger, at roughly half the size of the Dreadful Wale.[1] And instead of wheels, they have four angled panels that are narrow and louvered. The cockpit has two seats, and two curved gull-wing doors on either side, the bottom edge of which forms part of the cockpit floor. The airships were not designed as aerial assault vehicles but as troop transport, thus they do not seem have any obvious on-board weaponry.

Above the main body of each machine, there is a large cylinder tank, which looks like a scaled-up whale oil tank, and is supported by four tall struts. A series of wide slots run the length of the tank's underside. There is a squat, square chimney jutting out from the middle of the roof. When voidrite is combusted by the engine, a yellow gas is produced and discharged through the chimney into the slots, entering the tank. From the rear of the machine, a square platform can be lowered by a toothed ratchet mechanism. This acts as loader for both troops and fuel. Fuel after being loaded onto the airship, still needs to be filled into the engine. In case engines are accidentally fired, the machines need to be anchored to their landing platforms.

The airships are very difficult to control and should not be operated by inexperienced pilots. The control system consists of two vertical control sticks and three pedals beneath the console, all of which require constant handling. They can take off vertically from the ground, and while in mid-air they can hover or turn in one place. The angled panels are apparently used for stabilization, constantly reposition themselves, the louvers opening and closing. When the airships need to land, a set of three wheels drop from the bottom of the machine. The airships have incredible speed, many times faster than any of the existing means of transportation. The trip from Dunwall to Alba, which normally takes forty days by sea,[2] now only takes ten hours by flight.[3]


  • It is unclear what happened to the remaining airships following the events of The Veiled Terror, but since voidrite can no longer be mined, it can be assumed that they are no longer serviceable.


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