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The Addermire Solution is a restorative, invented by Doctor Alexandria Hypatia of the Addermire Institute, that revitalizes the body and mind. While in Dishonored: The Corroded Man it is described as an improvement on both Sokolov's Elixir and Piero's Spiritual Remedy, having the same restorative qualities as the two potions combined, the S&J Health Elixir,[1] in Dishonored 2 it is used to restore mana only.

After Hypatia is in charge of Addermire Institute once again, she calls back all phials of Addermire Solution and also offers check-ups for those who used it, especially in large doses. This is because of the side-effects of the solution. As of 1853, Addermire Solution is no longer manufactured, and what still remains became a rare commodity.[2]

Related Bone Charms[]

Dishonored 2[]

  • Spirited - Elixirs restore slightly more Mana.
  • Spiritual Fortune - Sometimes drinking a Mana elixir restores all Mana.


  • In contrast to Piero Joplin's Spiritual Remedy, the Addermire Solution comes with a stand that was originally depicted in concept art[3] and an in-game advertisement poster.[4]
  • One of the ingredients of the Addermire Solution are venom glands of bloodflies.[5]
  • During Daud's 15 years of exile, he wasn't aware that Piero's Spiritual Remedy had been replaced by the Addermire Solution, until Billie gave one to him.[6]