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"I know all about the Delilah. All of it. And I can give you exactly what you want."
—Abigail Ames, while being confronted by Daud

Abigail Ames is the head of the workforce at the Rothwild Slaughterhouse and, unbeknownst to Bundry Rothwild himself, an undercover agent for Lord Ramsey, who wants to destroy his rival's business and steal his workers. Abigail is a collected and charismatic operative, able to assume new identities and effectively manipulate others to achieve her ends.


During her time at the slaughterhouse, Abigail was able to gain Rothwild's trust, reaching the rank of foreman among his laborers and receiving extra money and days off from work.

Under Ramsey's orders, Abigail used her influence among the workers shortly before the start of The Knife of Dunwall to organize a strike at the slaughterhouse, resulting in conflict between the laborers and the Butchers along with the City Watch. Because of her role in inciting the workers to strike, Rothwild detains and questions her.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Daud first encounters Abigail while observing a conversation between her and Rothwild, after the latter has discovered her scheme and threatens to torture her for her betrayal. While she at first tries to appeal to Rothwild's emotional sensibilities, she soon realizes she has truly been caught. Regardless, she reacts calmly, stating that Ramsey will rescue her and kill Rothwild for what he plans to do.

If Daud decides to kill or stun Rothwild, Abigail will offer to tell him everything he wants to know about the Delilah in exchange for his help sabotaging the factory. Alternatively, Daud can decide to put her on Rothwild's interrogation chair and torture the information out of her.


  • Abigail is voiced by Katherine Pawlak.
  • At first, Abigail believes that Daud was sent by the Lord Regent to investigate Rothwild's activities on the black market, until the assassin states that his interest lies in collecting information about the Delilah.
  • If Daud leaves Rothwild's unconscious body alone with Abigail, she murders the man by jamming a screwdriver into his neck; when Daud approaches after, she tells him, "I am sorry, but Mr. Rothwild is no longer with us".
  • If Daud aids or interrogates her during The Knife of Dunwall, she will offer a favor in The Brigmore Witches during the mission The Dead Eels.