The Abele Family is the line of Duke and Duchess of Serkonos. Each known ruler left their own motto on the giant tree on Ravina Boulevard in the Palace District, as a testimony of their devotion to their people and nation.


  • Duchess Lisandra Abele
    • "Serkonos is a thousandfold families, interwoven with a thousandfold more. Families reaching for one another across generations."
  • Duchess Mayelin Abele
    • "As the leader of my people, I judge my worth in the measure of full bellies and happy hearts."
  • Duke Cadmus Abele
    • "Hold to your friends, to your family and to your nation. Do not forget these, nor trade them away for silver."
  • Duke Theodanis Abele, united the Isle and made it prosper.[1]
    • "We rise together with the same dawn. We feel the same wind on our faces. We fish the same ocean."
  • Duke Luca Abele, first son of Theodanis.
    • "When the sun is in my eyes, so are the people of Serkonos blinded. As I exhale, so do they breathe in my airs. And if I bleed, they run red."

Other Known Members

  • Edithia Abele, steward of Cullero who sacrificed her life to protect Serkonos against raiders.[1]
  • Rabinos Abele, built the ornate wooden bridges of Saggunto.[1]
  • Duchess Callas Abele, architect and spouse of Theodanis.[2]
  • Radanis Abele, second son of Theodanis, died in Dunwall by the hands of a street urchin.[2]


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