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A Recipe for Sweet-Tongue is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


To Cook Sweet-Tongue

This sonorous dish will soothe your throat and widen your vocal range.

First, slice eight young, freshly-cut tongues lengthwise and boil them in a large pot of clear water. When a foam appears, drain the tongues, and fill the pot again with cold water. Here add your aromatics and their thighbones, and simmer for two hours.

Remove the tongues and chill them until they are quite cold. Discard the bones from the pot, and strain the liquid. The fats will rise and congeal as it cools. Set aside.

Pare the skin from the tongues with a sharp knife until you have nothing but the tender meat. Slice finely.

Prepare your aspic with whichever home remedy you use. Make sure the fats have clarified with eggshell. The aspic must be perfectly clear and remove of all impurities.

Arrange the cut the tongues a line terrine and pour over with warm aspic. When set, remove and unwrap your delicacy. Slice with serrated knife and serve cold.

It must be savored, preferably with a mother-of-pearl caviar spoon, or else the properties are lost. The sweetness of their song will be yours!


This book can be found on a table in Shan Yun's bedroom and on a table next to the door to the Spector Club on the top floor of his house during the mission Follow the Ink.