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Clockwork sentinels.

A Note on Clockwork Allegiance is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


There is an uncomplicated grace to my machines which few in the Isles appreciate.

That is not to say they are simple. My Clockwork Soldiers are not simple, oh no. Their complexity is beyond the comprehension of the patrons who purchase them for their salons, well beyond that of the Duke and his Grand Guard, and beyond those small-minded imbeciles at the Academy of Natural Philosophy. I am rightly praised for the intricacy of their design.

But, at once, I recognize that they are infinitely more simple than schemers who sing praises from one side of their mouth while muttering curses with the other. No, I could never abide duplicity. Barring sabotage, my Clockwork Soldiers know friend from foe and will never confuse the two.

And should one of my cloying clients, having purchased one of my Clockwork Soldiers, try to turn against me once they have the power of my greatest creation at their disposal? They will swiftly learn what true integrity is. All of my Clockwork Soldiers will respond to the spoken code JIN4690IFF and realign their allegiance with the speaker. I alone know this sequence, and it will be locked away for all time.

My machines will never be used against me. That is their inestimable beauty.


This note can be found in one of Kirin Jindosh's safes in the main vault of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank during the mission The Bank Job.


  • After obtaining this note, Billie Lurk can interact with any clockwork soldier to convert it to her side. Alternatively, she can broadcast the reset code over the loudspeaker system to convert all clockworks at once.