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Billie fleeing Dunwall.

A Note From Billie is a written note found in The Brigmore Witches.


No need to waste breath with apologies or excuses. You taught me that. All I can say is that as soon as I left Dunwall my head felt clear, maybe for the first time.

You told me once that people like us burn hot, then burn up. We don't get a chance to start over. No long days in the sun. But I know you, Daud. Despite all the blood on your hands, you've been stashing coin. No one does that if they're not holding on to something. You've got some kind of plan, some hope for a new life.

Maybe you knew, maybe you didn't, but that's what you gave me when you let me walk away. The one thing you said that wasn't possible. And I will never forget that. When the time comes - and it will - I hope you're watching close so you get that chance too.

I left a book for you. The world is big. Bigger than I knew. There are lots of places where an old man like you could disappear.

- Billie


It can be found in Daud's chest at the foot of his bed in the Whaler hideout during the mission Choosing Your Mark, provided he spared Billie in the mission The Surge.