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A Memory of 1849 is a written note in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from a report by Breanna Ashworth]

Karnaca thrives on stories of restless spirits and malevolent dead. No matter how threadbare the tale, it spreads through servants' quarters and taprooms, shifting and changing all the while.

I've collected reports of strange happenings since our ritual in 1849 which brought Delilah back to us. That coward, Stilton, still lives in that same house. Two years ago, a kitchen girl from his serving staff fled her post and refused to return, saying she had spied apparitions exchanging a muted conversation in the courtyard. Then a man who had delivered fruit to the manor for years abruptly stopped, and never spoke of his reasons why. I've even heard that Stilton himself has paid inordinate sums to allow his staff to visit physicians for "mental exhaustion". Some have heard strange voices in their ear, while some saw shimmers of light that defied all explanation.

These events, I have no doubt, are connected to what we did that night. We have torn reality to allow a piece of the Void to pass through, and it spreads where it will. I wonder how far-reaching the effects from the ritual might become.


This note can be found in two different places during the mission The Stolen Archive:


  • The first copy incorrectly appears in the Lore tab in-game while the second appears in the Findings tab.