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Burglar egg

The Burglar challenge.

A Clue is the name of three different written notes found in Dunwall City Trials. They are the only notes in this DLC.


First Note[]

One shouldn't limit themselves to cliche.
Not all secret passages are activated by books in bookshelves, for example.
But some are.
One also shouldn't be blind to cliche.

Second Note[]

Seek the space between middle and top,
for the three random elements that make whole,
your quest to pilfer all that glitters.

Third Note[]

Suspicious behavior comes in all forms.
No one puts an ashtray upside down, for example.
It's just not normal.
Just a thought.


These notes only appear in the trial Burglar in Expert mode:

  • The first note can be found in the mantelpiece in the servants' dining room, first floor. It hints towards the secret room behind the bookshelves in the guest room on the second floor, but also the fake lamp opening another secret room on the third floor.
  • The second note can be found on a table next to the stairs on the second floor. It tells where to look for the combination of the safe on the same floor. The three digits can all be found on the third floor.
  • The third note can be found near the door to the bedroom closet on the fourth floor. It tells where to look for the key to the cabinet inside the closet.


  • Even though the secret rooms are also present in Normal mode, the note referring to the rooms only appear in Expert. However in this mode, the safe does not require a combination nor the closet a key.