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Álvaro Cardoza is a Roving Vice Overseer in special mission in Karnaca and a character in Death of the Outsider. He is encountered during the mission The Stolen Archive.


Cardoza was an Overseer of the Karnacan branch of the Abbey of the Everyman. He reached the rank of Roving Vice Overseer and also taught field tactics on the Peninsula to fellow Brothers of the Abbey such as Overseer Abello.

When Sister Rosewyn decided that the Royal Conservatory would have to be searched for heretical artifacts, she and her Oracular Sisters requested the assistance of a group of Overseers led by Cardoza. At the Conservatory, Cardoza brutally interrogates several of the Brigmore Witches, killing all but one in the process.

Death of the Outsider[]

When Billie Lurk infiltrates the Royal Conservatory in search for a silvergraph containing the location of the Outsider Cultist hideout, she soon learns that the silvergraph is in possession of Sister Rosewyn. While heading to Rosewyn's location, she can overhear an Oracular Sister informing Cardoza that Rosewyn requests his presence on the terrace. Cardoza, who is currently studying the corpse of one of the witches, eventually heads to the terrace where Rosewyn hands him the silvergraph and tells him that it needs to be destroyed immediately. After obtaining the silvergraph, Cardoza decides to take a look at it first before destroying it. To do so, Cardoza heads down into the Conservatory where he puts the silvergraph into a projector. Witnessing its contents, which show the location of the Cultists on a map, Cardoza doesn't understand its importance and wonders why Rosewyn would consider the contents heretical.


  • Álvaro Cardoza is voiced by Michael Manuel.
  • Cardoza is the author of the in-game book The Corroded Mind.
  • It is not necessary to encounter Cardoza if the silvergraph is taken from Sister Rosewyn first.
  • If Billie uses her Semblance ability to impersonate Cardoza, Sister Rosewyn will hand her the silvergraph as she believes Billie to be Cardoza.
  • To finish the contract "Álvaro and the Abbey", Billie needs to kill every Overseer and Oracular Sister in the Royal Conservatory save Cardoza, who needs to be strapped to his own musical torture chair. This also grants the special action "Musical Therapist".