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Karnaca Gazette Eyeless

'Eyeless' Remain Eyesore for Our City is a newspaper article found in Death of the Outsider.


Two raids by the Grand Guard have occurred last night, resulting in few arrests as investigations continue into the activities of the gang known as the Eyeless.

Both raids were conducted on derelict warehouses in the Campo Seta Dockyards. Several shipments of whalebone were found at both scenes, along with many carved talismans familiar on sailing ships. These trinkets, marked with strange insignias, were collected along with various unidentified powders, noxious plants, and vials of unknown liquid. Though these items add credence to rumors of black magic being practiced by the Eyeless, the Grand Guard has not called for Overseer support.

Roving Vice Overseer Álvaro Cardoza of the Abbey of the Everyman, when reached for comment, stressed the spiritual dangers of carved bonecharms and, if found, to bring them directly to your nearest Overseer outpost for inspection and disposal. He gave no further remarks on the Grand Guard's ongoing investigation.


This article can be found on the briefing board, aboard the Dreadful Wale before the missions One Last Fight and Follow the Ink.


  • Other copies of this newspaper can be found on the desk in Cristofer Jeorge's office, but they cannot be read.