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Replacement of the Abbey

Now that the Abbey of the Everyman no longer exists in dishonored thanks to Billie and Emily, I wonder if another "official" religion of the Empire will be created.

If it does, what do you guys think it would be like, another group of zealots condemning the supernatural? Or perhaps a cult would take the opportunity to create the opposite, and worship the void?

Considering she at once point she could use the power of the outsider and used it to reclaim her throne, i doubt Emily would go out of her way to ensure her citizens hate it. Created Freedom of religion is also something i could see her doing, she's definitely one of the more sympathetic rulers of the empire, like her mother, and saw the crimes of the abbey in Karnaka.
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• 2/11/2019

Imperial Assassin Pack

So, I tried downloading the Imperial Assassin pack for Dishonored 2 using the code provided when acquiring the game. I redeemed & downloaded it, but then I never gained the bone charms or 500 gold that the code promised. Is there something else I need to do after downloading, or is it simply bugged?
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• 2/8/2019


Im doing a challenge where I can't kill, be detected, or buy anything. Any tips
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• 2/6/2019

First thought was to kill

Why was Corvos first thought after escaping coldrige prison
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• 2/3/2019


Maybe I chose the wrong topic, but I’m Russian and my English is bad. Now the question is: If I play for Emily, can I put Karnaki Corvo on the throne? Eliminating Paolo, Byrne, Herzog and His Double? I apologize for all the errors.
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• 1/24/2019

The outsider's mark placement

Just a small question, does the mark of the outsider always have to appear on a persons left hand? Could it be on the upper arm or neck for example?
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• 1/9/2019

Is the Dishonored series "dead"?

Now before you jump to any conclusions, hear me out. Dishonored is a great video game series. All 3 Dishonored games did an amazing job delivering stunning gameplay, graphics, and storyline. Arkane studios really outdid themselves with this series.

That being said, I can't stop thinking that people forget about these games. I know Dishonored 3 isn't fully scheduled but maybe that's due to the lack of members who follow up with the Dishonored games.

I mean, look at other games out there. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are great games that been out for a while and gamers are still talking about it. Skyrim - a game which has gotten many good reviews and been out for nearly 8 years - is still a game that people discuss.

But then you look at the Dishonored games, which easily compares with top notch Bethesda games for being great, and hardly anybody talk about them. Exceptions include new updates or releases for those games.

That said, is the Dishonored series "dead" for gamers and the wiki? Or are people just forgetting that the games compare just as well with The Elder Scrolls or Fallout. Let me know.
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• 1/6/2019


Post image
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• 1/4/2019

Dishonored 2 someone have Glitch share pls

Guy umm can you share tip glitch dishonored 2 I want to know glitch or tip blink or anything thanks to tell
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• 1/3/2019

Any tips on vetran

With every game i go from tier to tier with the difficulty however the first game is giving me a lot of trouble any tips
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• 1/2/2019

¿Corvo Attano, still with powers?

Hey everyone, it's my first post here!! Love Dishonored, I already played the 3 games with all DLC like hundred times lol, want to see the comics and books too.

Anyway, here comes my doubt. In the events of Dishonored 2, we can appreciate at the beginning that Delilah 'steals' Corvo's Outsider's Mark. And then if we decide to play with Corvo we can't use powers till the Outsider marks us again.

1.- ¿Did this really happened in the main temporary line?

1.1.- If it does, it means that Emily has powers after the events of Dishonored 2 but Corvo doesn't?

2.- ¿How could Delilah 'steal' Corvo's Mark?

Here is one from the history of Dishonored

3.- ¿Is there any information about the void entities before the Outsider?

And here is the last one from the Death of the Outsider

4.- ¿When the Outsider 'dies', what happens with Emily's powers?

PD: I know those are a lot of questions haha, but I can't stop thinking about them!! Thanks.

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• 12/28/2018

I need help!!!!

Im playing dishonored 1 and loving it but i know there are 3 endings and i want the good one the first three missions i had high chaos can i just do the rest w low and get the good ending? If i replay the missions do i have to repeat the side quests in them??
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• 12/28/2018


Hi I am New to Dishonored im gonna play the first game Tomorrow and after that the 2 One and the 3.
You guys got any starter tips?
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• 12/23/2018

Worked on?

So if they’re still bringing updates and improvements to the current dishonored games then why couldn’t they make another dishonored game? Like they have time to add all the stuff in the recent update so why shouldn’t they just make another game?
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• 12/19/2018

True open world dishonored

How great would Dishonored be if you could play like an open world style, similar to Far cry? I love the games currently but I would love to unlock all powers & upgrades & be unstoppable.
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• 12/14/2018

New update

The new update for Dishonored 2 adds a Black and white visual mode and a mission + replay.

Pretty awesome.
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• 12/9/2018


Pete Hines has also said that there is another dishonored game in the works so don’t worry it probs won’t be gone
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• 12/9/2018


So they say that dishonoured is resting but they said that the game isn’t dead and that it was a creative decision to do so. This might mean that there is still a good chance of another game happening
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• 12/3/2018
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• 12/1/2018

The next game

I know that the game is “resting” but they have only said it is resting because they don’t have any ideas for another game
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